Irish Newspaper Circulation June 2010

June Figures: normally a strange time for the media with schools drawing to a close, the leaving cert commencing and the annual holiday migration. The “hand of god” having dealt us a blow earlier in the year means that the World Cup would not drag up the circulations of any of the papers. Big fallers month on month were the Daily Star, Sunday Star, News of the World and the Sunday Times. It’s likely that

Irish Newspaper Circulation May 2010

Perhaps, for certain publications, we may have been a tad hasty in the comments for April’s figures. Or indeed it may just show the fickle nature of the newspaper buying public. The morning market was up marginally mainly due to the tabloids. The end of the Premiership, start of the GAA and the playoffs for the Heineken Cup all contributing to the copy sales. But they are no where near their levels from 2009 with

Irish Newspaper Circulation July 2010

To begin on a positive note* not in the last 18 months have we seen such an increase in the morning market – up a hefty 7,700 copies. Albeit mainly on the back of the Daily Star – but still! The Sun picked up a bit as well and both tabloids could attribute the return of decent sporting events a welcome boost to their sales. Still, reflecting on the previous year, the three (four) tabloids

Newspaper Circulations February ‘10

Comparing month on month is a bit of ‘smoke and mirrors’. January is such a dead month for newspaper sales, using it can be a poor comparison. Since we are in February – we have no choice. Taking that into account, there were some positives. The Sun bounced back with an extra 2,300 copies on the previous month and seemingly not at the expense of any of the other tabloids. Other than that, the status

Irish Newspaper Circulation March 2010

Every month, circulation falls by another small amount, but it’s only when you make a direct comparison to the previous year that one really sees the levels of decline. The market as a whole down 74,000 year on year. Sundays down 45,000 and the morning back 37,000.   In the mornings the Irish Daily Mail had a bad month down nearly 4,000 copies. It’s Sunday title also experienced a month on Month drop of 4,600. the

Irish Newspaper Circulations January 2010

The first month of the year yields little in the way of surprises, but does allow us a little in the way of reflection. The figure that stands out is that the market is back 66,000 copies. That is, naturally the papers that publish monthly figures. We have to wait yet another week for the ‘on the pulse’ publications who will give us an average six month figure for July December 2009, nearly 50 days

Irish Newspaper Circulation December 2009

The last month of the year shows no improvements. The Redtops had a bit of a disaster – possibly down to poor distribution due to the adverse weather and also as a huge amount sporting events were cancelled – a big draw for their readers. The Daily Star was back over 5,000 month on month and The Sun back by 3,600. The latter is most likely still suffering from the vagaries of the Glass Palace

Irish Newspaper Circulation November 2009

We had 15 fallers and 10 climbers this month, the fallers in the Sunday department in the main. The Sundays are back 12,000 which, in comparison to other months, it’s a hefty fall. The biggest faller was the News of the World, followed by its companions The Sun and the News of the World. Not insignificant in this figure would be that fact that Dunnes Stores decided during last month that it didn’t like the

Irish Newspaper Circulation October 2009

Another month and guess what …. Daily Mail fell over the fifty mark, but the sibling had a monster month adding 20,000 to their circulation figure – which is impressive, to say the least. They gave a way some big CD’s during October namely Robbie Williams and Pavarotti and they also signed up Rachel Allen backed with her own 24 page glossy culinary guide – all combined to make a recipe for success in October.

Newspaper Circulations September 2009

Like it never happened and not a mention of it anywhere -‘like the orphan child’ as they used to say. One day your group has a combined circulation in the Republic of 6,400 (nothing ecstatic I know, but still..). Then the next month it’s a combined 1,400 – but not a jot about it! Is this the Mary Celeste of the September numbers? The circulation of the Daily Record and its big sister the Sunday

Newspaper Circulations August 2009

August shows a ‘modest’ increase in newspaper sales, the market picking up by 10,000 copies. This was really down to the Sunday market increasing by 13,000 and the morning papers backing by 3,000. In the mornings the Tabloids again took a bit of a hit. August being a strange months for Tabloids. There is a seasonal lull in the ‘trades’, which has a negative effect on their circulations. But this is normally balanced with the

Newspaper Circulations July 2009

No good news, at all. One ray of light is that, bar six, of the 24 papers that kindly enough issues monthly certificates for their circulation figures have increased their month on month figures. The morning papers are up a modest 4,000 copies the Sundays up 17,000. The decreases in the Sunday market was very much driven by a fairly spectacular fall of 16,000 copies for Mail on Sunday. The market is down 6,000 copies

Irish Newspaper Circulations June 2009

Possibly a month where the recent declines seems to have, in the main, settled down. The Daily Mirror was the big loser in the mornings along with the Daily Mail. The Redtops had a torrid time in recent months, but last month it looks like the declines may have bottomed out. The Mail On Sunday robbed rival The Sunday Times of 5,000 copies in one single month. The News of the World made much welcomed

Irish Newspaper Circulations May 2009

More of the same! And in some cases, a bit of jockeying for position. The Daily Star started the year ahead of its nearest rival, The Sun, by a short head it’s now falling behind the Red Top leader. Its stable mate, The Star on Sunday, also fell off in the past month as did the other Sunday Redtops, but to a much lesser extent. The Star on Sunday dropped 12% in one month, and

Irish Newspaper Circulation April 2009

Well, looks like the “R” is claiming victims – The Red Tops. Month on month can be explained by at least the fact that they got an increase in March from Cheltenham – which has now vanished into thin air. The downturn certainly is doing the “Reds” no favours. In tumultuous market conditions, its really incumbent on publishers to be proactive. That means we have to wait until July or August to see how the

Free Newspapers March 2009

Interestingly the circulations of the two free newspapers are out, nothing actually interesting in that, but interesting to look at it from a retrospective point of view. Since the bell sounded for round one, the Herald has taken a different stance on its circulation strategy. Firstly it maintained a safe distance in the early months, then reducing numbers again during the mid year migration to sunnier parts and then back on top for the return

March Circulation

The Republic of Ireland Circulations for March, for the papers that participate in monthly ABC’s we released. Collectively they are showing 6.5% year on year decline and losing some 13,000 collectively copies since the beginning of 2009 alone. The tabloids are again taking the brunt of the drop in the morning market. The stereotypical view of the ‘redtop’ reader working on site or in an allied trade may actually be true and the redtop paper’s