JNLR 2017Q1 Dublin Listenership

Currently 75% of the Dublin population tune into radio every day or 820,000 people. This is up 25,000 on the previous book but in percentage terms, it’s down one point. Listenership of radio has been in decline in Dublin for the last six books in succession (in percentage terms) and whilst the national listenership has had a small uplift in this book the Dublin listenership sees no signs of gains.

The latest research shows that out of the twelve stations in the Dublin survey, nine of them show an increase over the last book but only four show a gain on the previous year. RTE1 dominates with 311,000 listeners every day or a 29% reach. It’s up 12,000 on the previous book and 6,000 on the same time last year. Behind them is FM104 with 178,000 listeners, an increase of 9,000 (5%) on the precious book. There’s a gap of 133,000 between first and second and interestingly that gap, at its narrowest was 52,000 in late 2012.

Newstalk added 5,000 this time around to 154,000 (14%) with no change on the previous year. Spin added 13,000 to 138,000 listeners, an increase of 9% which is the (Joint) highest of any of the stations under scrutiny. 98FM came in at 111,000 down 2,000 on the previous book and Q102 added 9% to 84,000.

Today FM lost 4,000 listeners compared to the last quarter and it further distances itself from the capital. In mid 2015, Today FM drew 22% of its listenership base from the capital but now it currently stands at 16%. It’s not alone struggling in the Pale; 2FM lost a further 1,000 this book to 50,000 in Dublin and it’s down 15,000 on the previous year.

Table: Dublin Listenership

 LatestBook on Book Year on Year
 2017Q12016Q4+/-+/-Ch 2016Q1+/-+/-Ch
RTE Radio 131129%29928%121%4% 30530%6-1%2%
FM 10417816%16916%90%5% 18918%-11-2%-6%
Newstalk15414%14914%50%3% 15415%0-1%0%
Spin 103813813%12512%131%9% 14514%-7-1%-5%
98FM11110%11311%-2-1%-2% 10710%40%4%
Q102848%777%71%9% 767%81%11%
Today FM666%707%-4-1%-5% 858%-19-2%-22%
RTE Lyric FM585%575%10%2% 576%1-1%2%
Sunshine 106.8545%515%30%5% 606%-6-1%-10%
Radio Nova 100FM525%515%10%2% 565%-40%-7%
RTE 2FM505%515%-10%-2% 656%-15-1%-23%
Classic Hits 4FM252%222%30%8% 363%-11-1%-31%

Graphic: Dublin Reach

Dublin a

Dublin b

Dublin Top 20

 ProgrammeTime2017Q12016Q42016Q1BoB YoY
1Morning Ireland07.00-09.0016015816721% -7-4%
2Marian Finucane11.00-13.00151152170-1-1% -19-11%
3Sean O’Rourke10.00-12.00144133144118% 00%
4Marian Finucane11.00-13.0013813114375% -5-3%
5Ryan Tubridy09.00-10.0013312512686% 76%
6Liveline13.45-15.0012311913243% -9-7%
7The Business10.00-11.00114125129-11-9% -15-12%
8News At One13.00-13.4511110512666% -15-12%
9Playback09.00-10.00100106107-6-6% -7-7%
10Ronan Collins12.00-13.0094869489% 00%
11Sunday Miscellany09.00-10.0087105103-18-17% -16-16%
12Drivetime16.30-19.0084809045% -6-7%
13FM104 W/D10.00-15.0081779145% -10-11%
14Claire Byrne13.00-14.0081769757% -16-16%
15Miriam O’Callaghan10.00-11.00799399-14-15% -20-20%
16This Week13.00-14.00777985-2-3% -8-9%
17Strawberry Alarm06.00-10.0075697669% -1-1%
18Ray D’Arcy15.00-16.30706274813% -4-5%
19Steve K15.00-19.00696783     
20Pat Kenny09.00-12.00687055-2-3%   

 Table Dublin Programmes

StationProgrammeTime2017Q116Q416Q1BoB YoY
RTE1Morning Ireland07.00-09.0016015816721% -7-4%
RTE1Tubridy09.00-10.0013312512686% 76%
RTE1Sean O’Rourke10.00-12.00144133144118% 00%
RTE1Ronan Collins12.00-13.0094869489% 00%
RTE1News at One13.00-13.4511110512666% -15-12%
RTE1Liveline13.45-15.0012311913243% -9-7%
RTE1Ray D’Arcy15.00-16.30706274813% -4-5%
RTE1Drivetime16.30-19.0084809045% -6-7%
StationProgrammeTime2017Q116Q416Q1BoB YoY
2FMBreakfast Republic06.00-10.00283039-2-7% -11-28%
2FMNicky Byrne10.00-13.00212228-1-5% -7-25%
2FMTracy Clifford13.00-16.0015141817% -3-17%
2FMEoghan Mc Dermot16.00-19.00111216-1-8% -5-31%
2FMGame On19.00-20.00322150% 150%
StationProgrammeTime2017Q116Q416Q1BoB YoY
TodayIan Dempsey07.00-09.00283238-4-13% -10-26%
TodayDermot and Dave09.00-12.00272434313% -7-21%
TodayAl Porter12.00-14.30161418214% -2-11%
TodayLouise Duffy14.30-16.3015151700% -2-12%
TodayMatt Cooper16.30-19.00212327-2-9% -6-22%
StationProgrammeTime2017Q116Q416Q1BoB YoY
News/TBreakfast07.00-09.0052527700% -25-32%
News/TPat Kenny09.00-12.00687055-2-3% 1324%
News/TLunchtime12.00-14.00394032-1-3% 722%
News/TMoncrieff14.00-16.0025234629% -21-46%
News/TThe Right Hook16.00-19.0048475212% -4-8%
StationProgrammeTime2017Q116Q416Q1BoB YoY
FM104Strawberry06.00-10.0075697669% -1-1%
FM104The 10-3 Show10.00-15.0081779145% -10-11%
FM104The Jam15.00-19.0068687100% -3-4%
FM104The Takeover19.00-21.00111014110% -3-21%
FM104FM104 Phoneshow21.00-01.00221827422% -5-19%
StationProgrammeTime2017Q116Q416Q1BoB YoY
98FMBig Breakfast07.00-10.00394033-1-3% 618%
98FMDublin Talks10.00-12.00363835-2-5% 13%
98FMBarry Dunne12.00-16.00454750-2-4% -5-10%
98FMThe Big Ride Home16.00-19.0033333000% 310%
98FMThe Fix19.00-22.0011109110% 222%
StationProgrammeTime2017Q116Q416Q1BoB YoY
Q102Liam Coburn06.00-10.0034322826% 621%
Q102Martin King10.00-14.0036343726% -1-3%
Q102Aidan Cooney14.00-17.0035323339% 26%
Q102Drive @517.00-19.0023232300% 00%
Q102The Love Zone19.00-00.0012111119% 19%
StationProgrammeTime2017Q116Q416Q1BoB YoY
SpinFully Charged07.00-10.00424145     
SpinSpin Hits10.00-13.00333232     
SpinSpin Talk13.00-15.00353440     
SpinSteve K15.00-19.00696783     
SpinThe Zoo Crew19.00-21.00212629     

*Spin changed their programme schedule over the period of the research and no direct comparison can be made between the books