Irish Newspaper prices

There are the newspaper prices of Irish Newspapers, Daily, Weekend Editions and Sundays Papers. They will be updated as regularly as necessary:

Estimated Revenue Table (below)

There are a few caveats to the table below:

  • The circulation for the Irish Independent, Irish Times, Examiner, Herald and Echo are not broken out M-F and Saturday. The papers that are audited monthly do break out their circulation by day (M-F and S) and therefore it is possible to estimate the revenue the brand generates – at the till – every week.
  • As there is only a M-Sat figure for some papers, the revenue is estimated from that single figure and the price of the M-F edition – their Saturday editions are, in many cases better sellers and command a premium price over the M-F edition. Therefore their revenue figures are, most likely, underestimated in the table below.
  • The circulation for the Irish Independent, Irish Times, Examiner, Herald, Echo, Sunday Independent, Sunday World and Business Posts are Second Half 2018 and the other papers are January 2018.
  • In order to estimate revenue – bulks have been stripped out of titles that carry them.
  • Again – this is very much for illustrative purposes and I’ll update the circulation numbers from time to time – most likely quarterly