It’s the final ABC of 2018 and allow as us to access how the last half of the year have fared for the print brands. December is down 2% on the month and 10% on December 2018 with the morning market doing marginally better than the Sunday.  The tabloids had a decent month with most of them opting to exclude their sales from 24th to 28th – which is perfectly legitimate.

We have to wait until the 21st of February for the release of the ‘Island of Ireland’ report, but I suspect that the figures will be poor. When the ABC released the June ABC (2018) I looked at the select titles here* and they were showing a decline of 8% year on year.

When the ‘Island of Ireland’ was released (August 2018) it showed that the total market had contracted by 8%! So, the monthly ABC’s are a decent bellwether for the overall market.

Looking at the year on year for the titles that are audited monthly, it shows that they are down 10% on the year.  If history repeats itself, the newspaper market here is in for a double-digit decline year on year.

TitleDec-18Nov-18Dec-17M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror28,59927,50330,9501,096-2,3514%-8%
Daily Record2422332469-44%-2%
Irish Daily Star43,29442,68046,512614-3,2181%-7%
The Sun50,38950,50355,931-114-5,5420%-10%
Daily Express2,0312,0422,391-11-360-1%-15%
Irish Daily Mail29,44130,00734,247-566-4,806-2%-14%
Daily Telegraph1,9361,8612,07875-1424%-7%
Financial Times2,2581,5602,362698-10445%-4%
The Guardian2,0531,9402,196113-1436%-7%
The Times6,4366,52110,020-85-3,584-1%-36%
Morning Market166,679164,850186,9331,829-20,2541%-11%
Daily Star - Sunday12,23711,43415,322803-3,0857%-20%
Sun on Sunday47,13749,14751,877-2,010-4,740-4%-9%
Sunday Mail323602710-279-387-46%-55%
Sunday Mirror20,26719,73120,627536-3603%-2%
The People7,0587,1287,871-70-813-1%-10%
Sunday Express2,4112,5222,792-111-381-4%-14%
Sunday Post323342448-19-125-6%-28%
Mail on Sunday58,39460,78968,117-2,395-9,723-4%-14%
The Observer4,1454,0424,317103-1723%-4%
Sunday Telegraph1,5151,5391,679-24-164-2%-10%
Sunday Times69,78474,34273,464-4,558-3,680-6%-5%
Sunday Market223,594231,618247,224-8,024-23,630-3%-10%
Total Market390,273396,468434,157-6,195-43,884-2%-10%