JNLR 2015Q3 Cork Listenership

Red FM have firmly established themselves as the number one station in Cork now at 125,000 or 30% of the population. This is a complete reversal of fortunes since the survey twelve months ago which saw them 46,000 behind 96FM. While the yearly figures are dramatic, with RedFM and Newstalk gaining 42% and 33% respectively, the book on book numbers are a little more subdued with only minimal changes in the past three months. Red FM added another 2,000 and 96FM dropped 1,000 in the three months. The only large change in the survey was RTE1 dropping 6,000 or

ABC Circulation September 2015

It’s a study in newspaper purchasing fickleness this month. The circulation ebb and flow in full view for some of the titles with the numbers they picked up last month disappearing. The Star lost 4,200 in circulation month on month having gained nearly the exact number the month prior to that. The other morning tabloids were, in the words of Churchill, “least worst”. The Sun and Mirror dropped as well, but not as spectacularly as The Star. The Sun on Sunday also dipped nearly 8,500 copies month on month and the Sunday Mirror dropped 1,300. The Mail on Sunday

ABC Circulation August 2015

The football Gods look like the looked kindly on some of the titles as their numbers were up on the previous month – most likely on the back of a culmination of the premier league, bigger games in both football and hurling and, least we should forget, the Galway races. The morning tabloids all saw an increase month on month with The Star increasing 4,235 or 8% on the month. The Irish Daily Mail also saw decent increase adding 2,600 on the month. The shining light on the Sundays was indeed The Sun – Sunday with a massive 15%

ABC Circulation Jan June 2015 – revised!

Clarity:  Now, I’ve had to amend this on the back of the numbers for the Independent coming to light. I got a call at 3:30 and the cert is there – now. Their cert was not there this morning or even at lunchtime so I can’t understand what the delay was, and, given the amount of times the Independent IP address appeared in this sites analytics this morning/afternoon – I can’t understand why it was not clarified. Furthermore, two emails remain unanswered from this morning – which would have shed light some of the going’s on.   Sunday Market:

ABC Circulation Jan June 2015

Remarkably, there’s now no ‘solid’ (in my eyes) metric for the best selling Irish Morning Newspaper. Having suddenly jettisoned their ABC certification, we can now only rely on the JNRS and perhaps some web metrics, when and if they appear, for some solid ‘market’ data on the Irish Independent. My views on the JNRS are easy to find here and my apathy towards them is not veiled. I’m sure that across Europe most of the ‘best selling’ morning papers in each country have an audited sales figure (I might revisit that later) and an audited figure is expected by

Forthcoming ABC’s?

I was doing a little spade work earlier for the forthcoming ABC Island of Ireland report. I was looking at the ABC website and noticed that both the Irish Independent and The Herald are no longer registered with the ABC. Now, this is particularly perplexing! independent.ie and The Sunday Independent are still registered as of 10:00am.   Have they gone the same route as they took with the regional’s – stating how the ABC’s didn’t ‘resonate’ with advertisers – it’s very strange indeed and we’ll have to wait until around midday to see if there are any figures for

JNRS Newspaper Readership 2015/14

At the outset I’d apologise on behalf of the Newspaper industry: the table below is a numerical assault on the eye – but we now have three metrics for each year: Print & Display, Print Only and Display only. I’d forward a second apology (not on behalf of the industry) directed at the readers of this analysis and it would be on the back of the lack of meaningful data. Personally, I find some of the readership data going against the grain of more concrete data. In concrete I mean that the audited ABC figures which I find a

ABC Circulation July 2015

Just a brief one today! The mornings show a ‘blue moon’ event with The Sun adding 2,500 in the month to get it close to last year’s figure, over the sixty and way ahead of The Star. The Mail see-sawed again and drops 15,000 on the month. The Sun on Sunday also made progress adding 1,700 and the Sunday Times managed a marginal increase.

JNLR 2015Q2 National Listenership

The JNLR 2015Q2 research is now available. The samples and estimated universes have changed little on last year and therefore are no real cause for concern. The survey shows that Radio listenership is up 1% or 25,000 listeners year on year, but that’s just enough to push the radio reach figure up by one percentage point to 84%. On a year on year basis most of the stations are heading in the right direction. RTE1 was up 14,000 listeners per day, and Newstalk and 2FM each added 36,000 over the year. Today held steady down marginally by 1,000 listeners

JNLR 2015Q2 Dublin Listenership

Turning our attention to the capital now, we see that radio listenership is up 26,000 on the previous year or 2.5% and now stands at 81%. Considering that radio listening in the city declined every survey from 2011Q1 until  2014Q1, it’s a healthy trend survey of late showing a growing audience for radio.  On a year on year basis the accolades go to Today FM up 18,000 (22%) and Newstalk up 20,000 (+13%). The other stations turned in some decent rises as well and the only fallers were Q102 and 4FM. The tables and graphic below spare me the

JNLR 2015Q2 Top Thirty

The fallers are very much in the preserve of RTE1 in this book with four of the five fallers from the national broadcaster. But the top drop slot is reserved for Anton Savage on Today FM whose time slot dropped 29,000 (-13%) on the year. It’s only fair to point out that the comparative for Anton below in 14Q2 was Ray D’Arcy. Also fair is that the book on book is Anton V Anton (see “book on book” table below), so read into that as you will. You’ll also see in the fallers is the Mooney/D’Arcy slot but it’s

JNLR 2015Q2 Station Programmes

Here we have a look at the different stations and their weekday offerings. This time out the year on year and book on book are explored.   

JNLR 2015Q2 Cork Listenership

I’m not ignoring our friends down South, it’s just that time is the enemy in the days that the results are released. I know there’s terrific interest in the region, but the interest in the national picture is stronger, so i have to go with that first. Having said that, here’s some data on Cork: The graphic will shows the rapid rise of Red FM coming on the back of the decline of 96FM and finally overtaking them in this survey.   They added 12,000 this book alone and 44,000 (+11%) over the year.  Conversely 96FM lost 25,000 (-6%) in

JNLR 2015Q2 Regional/Local Stations

A brief look at the Local/Regional Stations: The regional stations like Beat and iRadio NW do well in their areas coming second to the home local stations and in front of RTE1 and seem to be on a continuing upward trajectory. In the home locals there are a myriad of stories, all depend on where you look. One that leaps out is Cork’s Red FM who have shot out of the blocks on a year on year basis.  [widgetkit id=29]                 15 V 14 Station County 15Q2 14Q2 13Q2 +/- +/- Highland

Radio Test 15_2

  Year on Year   Book On Book Station 15Q2   14Q2   +/- +/-   15Q1 +/- +/- Any Radio 84% 3009   83% 2982   1% 27   84% 3009 0% 0 Region/Local/M-City 58% 2078   57% 2054   1% 24   58% 2034 0% 44 Any National 46% 1670   46% 1641   0% 29   46% 1618 0% 52 Home Local Station 42% 1515   42% 1497   0% 18   42% 1491 0% 24 Any RTE Radio 35% 1241   34% 1216   1% 25   35% 1217 0% 24 Any RTE1/2FM/Lyric 34% 1217