The first ABC of 2019 was released earlier. Many of the papers with a monthly ABC saw a bounce in comparison to December, a notoriously slow month in the first place. However, in comparison to their sales the previous January, they are all well off the mark.

The Daily Star had a bad month, dropping 1,500 on the month and those sales would seem to have gone to The Sun whose circulation is up 1,700 on the month.

The Mail on Sunday gained 2,600 and the Sunday Times also up 3,600 – but both trailing where they were this time last year.

TitleJan-19Dec-18Jan-18M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror28,62828,59931,17729-2,5490%-8%
Daily Record239242241-3-2-1%-1%
Irish Daily Star41,72243,29446,372-1,572-4,650-4%-10%
The Sun52,12950,38957,3591,740-5,2303%-9%
Daily Express2,0272,0312,377-4-3500%-15%
Irish Daily Mail29,30229,44132,439-139-3,1370%-10%
Daily Telegraph1,9561,9362,00320-471%-2%
Financial Times2,3272,2582,36769-403%-2%
The Guardian2,1012,0532,12248-212%-1%
The Times6,2966,4369,592-140-3,296-2%-34%
Morning Market166,727166,679186,04948-19,3220%-10%
Daily Star - Sunday12,40512,23714,641168-2,2361%-15%
Sun on Sunday47,37347,13751,643236-4,2701%-8%
Sunday Mail680323687357-7111%-1%
Sunday Mirror21,24820,26723,723981-2,4755%-10%
The People7,4937,0588,353435-8606%-10%
Sunday Express2,6582,4112,790247-13210%-5%
Sunday Post317323411-6-94-2%-23%
Mail on Sunday61,06458,39462,8742,670-1,8105%-3%
The Observer3,9934,1454,142-152-149-4%-4%
Sunday Telegraph1,5021,5151,580-13-78-1%-5%
Sunday Times73,40869,78475,0743,624-1,6665%-2%
Sunday Market232,141223,594245,9188,547-13,7774%-6%
Total Market398,868390,273431,9678,595-33,0992%-8%