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Evening Newspaper ABC Circulations, Jan-June 2012

Although the evening market is really just two local papers at different corners of the country – they still have to be covered.

With the market as it is, the Evening Herald did well to more or less retain last year’s numbers.

The introduction of the Dubliner magazine on Thursdays and the ability to grab headlines (Herald was all over Sky news today as it published pictures of Prince Harry in Vegas) seems to be working    

evening market jj 2012

Publication JJ 2012 JJ 2011 Diff '000 Diff %
Evening Herald   61,179 61,936 -757 -1%
Echo 17,556 20,011 -2,455 -12%
Total  78,735 81,947 -3,212 -4%

The Market – when looked at through the chart looks very bleak. 


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