ABC Irish Newspaper Circulation December 2018

It’s the final ABC of 2018 and allow as us to access how the last half of the year have fared for the print brands. December is down 2% on the month and 10% on December 2018 with the morning market doing marginally better than the Sunday.  The tabloids had a decent month with most of them opting to exclude their sales from 24th to 28th – which is perfectly legitimate. We have to wait until the 21st of February for the release of the ‘Island of Ireland’ report, but I suspect that the figures will be poor. When the ABC released the June ABC (2018) I looked at the select titles here* and they were showing a decline of 8% year on year. When the ‘Island of Ireland’ was released (August 2018) it showed that the total market had contracted by 8%! So, the monthly ABC’s are a decent bellwether for the overall market. Looking at the year on year for the titles that are audited monthly, it shows that they are down 10% on the year.  If history repeats itself, the newspaper market here is in for a double-digit decline year on year.