2017 overall

Irish Newspaper Circulation July-Dec 2017 Island of Ireland Report

We have thirteen National titles available for selection every morning and twelve to choose from every Sunday. The figures here are the circulations of national newspapers for the period of July to December 2017 and are compared to the same six months in 2016. The stark reality is that in the intervening period, the newspapers below sold ten million fewer copies per annum in comparison to the previous year. Interestingly five years ago five titles managed to sell more than 100,000 copies, today this stands at two. The total market (sum of the daily and Sunday circulation) decline slowed to 7%, down from showing an annual 8% decline. A darker side of Sherlock Holmes (I digress) manifests itself into his fondness of ‘the seven percent solution’ – the darker side here, today, is that we’ve no solution to the 7%! The Sunday market fell below 600,000 (-7%) for the first time and the morning market receded back to 408,000 (-6%). Morning The Irish Independent sailed perilously close to dropping below 90,000 falling 7% over the year. In that figure are 17,600 in bulks which is an actively purchased of 80% of its circulation down from 17% in the last six…