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Irish Newspaper Circulation July-Dec 2017 Island of Ireland Report

We have thirteen National titles available for selection every morning and twelve to choose from every Sunday. The figures here are the circulations of national newspapers for the period of July to December 2017 and are compared to the same six months in 2016. The stark reality is that in the intervening period, the newspapers below sold ten million fewer copies per annum in comparison to the previous year. Interestingly five years ago five titles managed to sell more than 100,000 copies, today this stands at two. The total market (sum of the daily and Sunday circulation) decline slowed to 7%, down from showing an annual 8% decline. A darker side of Sherlock Holmes (I digress) manifests itself into his fondness of ‘the seven percent solution’ – the darker side here, today, is that we’ve no solution to the 7%! The Sunday market fell below 600,000 (-7%) for the first time and the morning market receded back to 408,000 (-6%). Morning The Irish Independent sailed perilously close to dropping below 90,000 falling 7% over the year. In that figure are 17,600 in bulks which is an actively purchased of 80% of its circulation down from 17% in the last six…


ABC Circulation January 2018

The first audit of 2018 appeared earlier. Oddly there were a few surprises in a fairly predictable market. Month on month the Sunday Mirror managed to add 3,000 copies to its tally and the Sunday Times managed a 1,600 increase without any trickery in the bulks department. The Sun added 1,400 on the month and again maintaining the same bulk level as last month. Conversely, the Mail on Sunday ‘dropped’ 5,200 on December. This doesn’t seem to be fright and flight by the buying public but perhaps more a ‘road to Damascus’ moment for dmg Media. This month shows a decline for both The Daily Mail (-1,800) and the Mail on Sunday, however, the main cause of the drop is that there are no bulks in either title. Considering that they had combined bulks of close to 9,000 last month it really is a change of direction – should it continue. The Morning market is back by 7% year on year, Sunday Market down 8% and the total market back 7% on the year. Keep a note of those figures as they will re-emerge next Thursday when the Island of Ireland report arrives! Title Jan-18 Dec-17 Jan-17 M/M Y/Y %…

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Daily Star Sale

Trinity Mirror has announced that they have made an offer to buy The Daily Star, Daily Star Sunday, Daily Express and Sunday Express. Naturally, it’s all subject to regulatory approval, which in itself is a further hurdle. The main stay of that business is in the UK and the R.o.I. publishing concerns are a side show at best – for the main players. However for the publishing industry here it could be a game changer. There’s an agreement (and not a very transparent) between IN&M and Northern and Shell to publish the Irish Daily Star in Ireland (the Island theof). Where now does that stand with the ownership of the title possibly transferring to a rival publishing group? There may be a clause in that agreement where if sands shift between the parties there would be a buyout clause for the others portion of the business (originally it was a fifty fifty between IN&M and Northern and Shell). If so, it’s a urinate or get off the pot for both – and, in my view, if there is that clause, it will give IN&M a moment to reflect on its commitment or otherwise on the Irish Daily Star.

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JNLR Radio Listenership 2017 Q4

The quarterly JNLR was released today and it shows that radio listenership remained static at 83%. Radio listenership in the capital stands at 78% which, although below the levels found nationally, it represents a third quarterly rise in listenership up from 75% at the start of the year. RTE1 suffered its first decline since 2016Q1 down one point to 23%. Both Newstalk and TodayFM each lost a point down to 10% each. 2FM is now second to RTE1 at 11% having had a static book. Considering it was at 9% in 2016Q3 (and taking flack) it’s not a bad result. Station 2017Q4 2017Q3 +/- 2016Q4 B/B Y/Y Any Radio 83% 83% 81% 0% 2% RTE Radio 1 23% 24% 24% -1% -1% RTE 2FM 11% 11% 10% 0% 1% RTE Lyric FM 4% 4% 4% 0% 0% Today FM 10% 11% 11% -1% -1% Newstalk 10% 11% 10% -1% 0%   Dublin   Radio Station 2017Q4 2017Q3 +/- 2016Q4 +/- Any Radio 78% 77% 1% 76% 2% RTE Radio 1 28% 28% 0% 28% 0% FM 104 17% 17% 0% 16% 1% Newstalk 14% 14% 0% 14% 0% Spin 1038 14% 13% 1% 12% 2% 98FM 10% 10% 0% 11%…