Year on Year

ABC Newspaper Circulation October2017

  October ABC’s are off the presses and show a fairly sharp drop of 1900 copies of the Daily Star over the month. The other tabloids managed to keep the drop to three figures over September. Taken together the tabloids are down 3,000 or 2% on the month. Again, we can ignore the (incredible) year on year figure for The Times given their new found interest in bulks. Month on month the morning market was down 5,000 or 3% and as you can see for the graphic, going on past experience, things don’t get better as the year draws to a close.   The Sunday Market shows a meagre 1% decline month on month but there would be 16,000 copies across the titles as bulks in the numbers – which equates to 4% of the market (it’s 6% in the morning market). The Sunday Market shows a 5% decline month on month, but in reality, it’s more in line with 8% when you extract the bulks year on year.     Title Oct-17 Sep-17 Oct-16 M/M Y/Y % M/M % Y/Y Daily Mirror 31,564 32,170 35,192 -606 -3,628 -2% -10% Daily Record 271 290 281 -19 -10 -7% -4% Irish…