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JNLR 2017Q2

  The quarterly JNLR radio research was released earlier and the first item of note is that the brakes look like they have been finally applied to the overall listenership of both National and Dublin listenership, national steady at 82% and Dublin at 75%. National Looking at the stations in the National picture, Today FM is the only station to show a percentage drop book on book – down one point to 10% their lowest figure to date. The rest of the stations remained very much as is/was.         Year On Year Book on Book Station 2017Q2 2016Q2 +/- 2017Q1 +/- Any Radio 82% 83% -1% 82% 0% RTE Radio 1 24% 24% 0% 24% 0% RTE 2FM 10% 10% 0% 10% 0% Today FM 10% 11% -1% 11% -1% Newstalk 10% 11% -1% 10% 0% RTE Lyric FM 4% 4% 0% 4% 0%     Dublin In Dublin the picture remains very much the same with only a small slippage from Spin dropping one point. Classic Hits managed to raise their profile in the capital to 3%     Year On Year Book on Book   2017Q2 2016Q2 +/- 2017Q1 +/- Any Radio 75% 78% -3%…


ABC Irish Newspaper Circulation June 2017

June ABC’s and this brings us to the half way mark for 2017. For the monthly publishers their Jan-June 2017 figure are available (to calculate) but the full Island of Ireland report is not out until 17th of August. Some of the papers’ numbers look extreme (in percentage terms) but all have a logical explanation. As a block the tabloids are down 13% year on year, the decline can be attributed to The Sun’s decline of 20% – however this time last year The Sun and its Sunday sister were in the middle of a price promotion on the back of the Euro’s. So that accounts for their above average decline in sales year on year. The other Tabloids would have also been boosted by the football in ’16 so we are not comparing like with like. The Times had an increase of 7,200 on the month which we can attribute to two factors: firstly is an increase on ‘retail’ sales to over 4,000 (from around 2,500). However the majority were “Below Full Rate. Secondly there were over 5,000 “multiple copy sales” compared to none the previous month. So, the meteoric increase in sales is more down to a massaging…


IAB 2016 Digital Ad Spending

There was an interesting report released by AIB Europe in late June where it showed the meteoric rise of digital spending across Europe in 2016. The topline was that digital spending in Europe grew by 12% in 2016 compared to 2015m with the market now worth €41.9 billion per annum. The big mover was “mobile display” which grew by 53% in the year and it accounts for 33% of the ‘display’ market. Across Europe the market loos in good shape except for spend on print and OOH. Looking towards home, the in the Republic of Ireland we spent €444 million on digital in 2016 up from €338 million in 2015. This is a 32% growth year on year making us the third fastest growing country in Europe in terms of digital spending. Here’s a breakdown of the spend per category in Ireland according to the IAB. Within those figures there will be duplication i.e. some of the number for mobile will be contained in display and paid search.   2016 2015 Ch Display 196 135 45% Classified 29 27 7% Paid Search 196 175 12% Mobile 100 51 96% Video 47 24 96% An interesting portion of the research was…