ABC Circulation October 2016

“Another Day, another drop”. ABC for October are out and the ever repetitive story of newspaper sales continues. I’d reckon the market (as under the lamp here and not taking into account the laggards that have a bi-annual certificate) will be down 5% on the previous year, which bizarrely enough is an improvement on this time last year where the same papers were down in or around 8% at this point. So maybe the decline is slowing, but it’s still a decline and a five percent one! In the morning all the tabloids took a hit and The Sun took a big one down 3,000 copies on the month. The Daily Star was down shy of 2,000 and the Mirror down 1,300. Combined with the others the morning was down 6,000 or 8% on the year. The Sundays saw The Sunday Sun fall 2,600 on the previous month and the Mirror drop 1,400. The ‘winner’ this month was, ostensibly, the Sunday Times adding a hefty 4,000 onto its figure. However, once the tree is shook, 5,600 multiple copy sales fall out. Again, it’s within the rules and nobody likes the ‘hurler on the ditch’ but, to note, it’s a big…