sunday may 2016

May 2016 ABC Circulation

May circulation figures arrived and the expression ‘swings and roundabouts’ has never been more appropriate. There seems to have been much movement in the figures and many of the stirrings are below the surface. The Daily Mirror stayed stationary in comparison to April at 39,000. The Sun dropped back 1,700 on the month but is still marginally ahead of last year.  Overall the tabloids were ahead by close to 3,000 on the month. In the Sunday market the big faller was the Sunday Times where it dropped 3,600 on the month to 73,419. Title May-16 May-15 Apr-16 Y/Y M/M % Ch Y/Y Daily Mirror 39,001 41,938 38,963 -2,937 38 -7% Daily Record 281 283 287 -2 -6 -1% Irish Daily Star 51,847 56,799 54,193 -4,952 -2,346 -9% The Sun 58,076 57,594 59,779 482 -1,703 1% Tabloids 149,205 156,614 153,222 -7,409 -4,017 -5% Daily Express 2,485 2,598 2,566 -113 -81 -4% Irish Daily Mail 46,173 51,561 44,633 -5,388 1,540 -10%               The Daily Telegraph 2,334 2,688 2,510 -354 -176 -13% Financial Times 2,234 2,398 2,334 -164 -100 -7% The Guardian 2,185 2,603 2,320 -418 -135 -16% The Times 2,591 2,447 2,568 144 23 6% Morning…

DM breakdown

ABC Newspaper Sales – a breakdown

It’s as good a time as any to examine the underlying conditions that account for newspaper sales in the ABC circulation figures and this month (May 2016) we have the whole spectrum of allowables in the various publications. Below is a table the papers who have “sales” that fall into categories other than single copy retails sales – i.e. sales that are occurring outside your normal retail environment. These are perfectly legitimate and come with some strict caveats set out by the ABC. Your normal Sale is “A copy sold to a retailer, on a sale or return basis, for resale as a single copy to a consumer”. Perfectly straightforward. Subscriptions: “A single copy sold and distributed to an individual or organisation for a contracted period”. Again easily understood. Multiple copies: Now this is where the ‘conspiracy theories’ about circulations numbers begin with comments like “sure, don’t they just give them away anyway”. Multiple copies are marshalled by the ABC to and a full account of them is given in the monthly ABC certificates. The definition: “Copies purchased by a third party from the publisher, delivered and made available for pick up or receipt by consumers”. So, you’re in, say,…