Today FM

No gains at all across the day. Ian Dempsey slipping back and Anton not quiet settled on an audience figure yet. Matt still hasn’t regained the second slot in the evening but is only 4,000 away from George.           YoY   BoB Time Programme 16Q1 15Q4 15Q1 +/- +/-%   +/- +/-% 07.00-09.00 Ian Dempsey 180 187 194 -14 -7.2%   -7 -3.7% 09.00-12.00 Anton Savage 175 183 212 -37 -17.5%   -8 -4.4% 12.00-14.30 Dermot and Dave 117 121 121 -4 -3.3%   -4 -3.3% 14.30-16.30 Louise Duffy 91 94 98 -7 -7.1%   -3 […]


It’s a good book for RTE1 with all programmes gaining over the year and five of them in double digit growth. Morning Ireland is fighting back against Breakfast (-4%) and Lunchtime (-6%) on Newstalk.           YoY   BoB Time Programme 16Q1 15Q4 15Q1 +/- +/-%   +/- +/-% 07.00-09.00 Morning Ireland 460 448 417 43 10.3%   12 2.7% 09.00-10.00 Tubridy 322 314 287 35 12.2%   8 2.5% 10.00-12.00 Sean O’Rourke 326 331 303 23 7.6%   -5 -1.5% 12.00-13.00 Ronan Collins 219 220 208 11 5.3%   -1 -0.5% 13.00-13.45 News at One 350 […]


The station’s format changed and the time slots cannot be compared on a year on year basis but they can on a book on book comparison. Bar one slot, 2FM lost listeners book on book. Breakfast Republic managing a 10% drop and Nicky Byrne dropping 9%.           YoY   BoB Time Programme 16Q1 15Q4 15Q1 +/- +/-%   +/- +/-% 06.00-10.00 Breakfast Republic 162 181 109 n/c     -19 -10.5% 10.00-13.00 Nicky Byrne 143 157 189 n/c     -14 -8.9% 13.00-16.00 Tracy Clifford 121 129 150 n/c     -8 -6.2% 16.00-19.00 Eoghan Mc […]

JNLR 2016Q1 National Listenership

It’s very much depends on what you analyse for the 2016Q1 results. Look at the numbers year on year you get one answer, look at them book on book you get another! In as many places as possible I’ll throw in both so you can draw your own conclusions. However in a few cases either analysis still yields the same woeful outcome. In terms of overall listenership radio reaches 83% of the population or 2,989,000 people every day. It’s down marginally on 2015Q1 and down a little less on the previous book. Still the dominant player is RTE1 reaching a […]

JNLR 2016Q1 Dublin Listenership

Radio listenership dropped in the capital to 818,000 down 1% on the year and the same book on book. The falls are less pronounced on a book on book basis with but looking at them over the year some of the falls are severe. Double digit decrease in the capital for Newstalk, Today FM, Q102 and 2FM and, of them, only Q102 managed to get something back in the last quarter. RTE1 are still the dominant force reaching 305,000 listeners. They are followed by FM104 on 189,000 a 3% increase on the year. Newstalk, are next on 154,000. Last year […]

JNLR 2016Q1 Regionals and Local

Here’s where we look at the local and regional franchises. Again, they are not comparatives as they simply can’t be compared to each other. I’ve made little or no comment as the data is self explanatory and my outpourings won’t add much. Each is compared to the last book and the last year.    Table: Regional Reach                     YoY BoB Area Franchise 2016Q1   2015Q1   2015 Q4   +/- Ch% +/- Ch% Regional SE Beat 98 25%   101 25%   97 25%   -3 0% 1 0% Regional SW […]

JNLR 2016Q1 Top Thirty

All the top tables and in the interest of tracking the license fee money the book on book numbers are compared so that 2FM can be scrutinised. The Gains and Falls tables likewise are divided into the year on year and book on book. The metric for the gains and falls are subjectively based on actual listeners and not the percentage gain. If it were percentages (we should really say) we’d be showering Ray D’Arcy with praise for a 19% increase in listeners year on year and also to Alison Curtis getting a 6% increase book on book. RTE1 stole […]