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Ad Blocking will hurt Publishers

I came across a very few interesting articles on the potential impact of ‘ad-blocking’ plugins on publishers revenue. The argument was the so many individuals were using ad blockers that it has become a real threat to the viability of publishers to eak out a few Euros from their digital offerings – considering that the revenues from print have being going south for the last few years. Irish based start-up PageFair in their report on ad blocking in 2015 estimate that there were 181m active internet users with ad blockers on their browsers. This is a 41% increase in blocking usage in a year. This represents about 6% of the total active internet population as a whole but country by country statistics vary. The cost to the industry was estimated to be $41B currently in “lost revenues” – or rather missed opportunities to see. Across Europe we have a huge difference in the usage by country. Reason for that may vary from country to country and might include the execution and creative variations of ads by country. When surveyed those using blockers the main reason for availing of the technology as a misuse of personal data in ads to personalise…