ABC Circulation November 2015

The penultimate month in ’15 brings little by way of cheer. The only change in the ABC’s is that they now have a new report which measures the digital editions of the papers – not that it’s going to make a huge difference here as they report a total of 110 digital sales in November in Ireland – across all titles! Their new format is also a little confusing as the ABC report no ‘digital edition’ sales for the Sunday Times last month but the paper has a certificate for their ‘tablet edition’ where they claim over 95,000 sales in November. Why that’s not in the digital report is beyond me, but it’s endemic in the digital world where standards (not the moral compass type) shift and terminology and acronyms change daily. The tabloids set a few records this month and not good ones. The Daily Star at this point is perilously close to falling below 50,000, which could, projecting forward, happen around March or April of ’16. The real tragedy behind their November figure is that The Star has now slipped to just below half of its peak of 108,221 set in 2005. Compound that with the fact that…


Top Sites for Mobile in Ireland

I let this slip by some time back, but it’s worth a quick look. Comscore recently published some data on the most popular websites accessed via a smartphone or tablet in Ireland* You can see all the figures below and the table is sortable for those that who wish to scrutinise them a little further. No figures were published on the same sites viewed via desktop to give the full picture. The same company did produce data on Irish Newspapers but it’s from 2011 and, I think, took far back to use for comparatives. You can see it here It’s interesting to note that only sites with a higher Android usage than OS are, Independent News & Media, Irish Times Group and DoneDeal. All the other sites users have a preference for OS. Independent.e is the most popular site for mobile followed by Trinity Mirror Sites ( etc) then by Maximum Media Sites (, etc). Landmark Media is owner of the Irish Examiner and a clatter of other regional newspaper and radio station sites.   Phones iPhone Android Tablets iPad Android % iPhone % Android Indep. News & Media 1,598 756 842 276 194 81 47% 53% Trinity…