JNLR 2015Q3 National Listenership

The national picture shows that radio listenership is still in a healthy position with a reach of 83% of the population every day. While this is up 18,000 on the previous year (14Q3) it’s down marginally (3,000) on the previous book (15Q2). That small slippage also had the affect of moving the point reach from 84% in 15Q2 to 83% this time out. On a station by station basis most gained year on year and fell on a book on book analysis. RTE1 is still the dominant force reaching 24% of the population every day or 868,000 people which is up on yearly and book on book – an increase of 4%. Today FM comes in second on a 13% reach with 453,000 on average tuning in every day. This is down slightly year (2% or 10,000) on year and marginally on the book. But in all counts it still hangs on to the 13% reach. Newstalk regained third birth from the last survey on 11% and just shades 2FM on 402,000. While they had monster growth on year on year basis they only gained 1,000 compared to 15Q2.  2FM is up 28,000 on the year to 394,000 or 11%…

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JNLR 2015Q3 Dublin Listenership

Dublin radio reach is slightly below the national figure at 81% and represents 829,000 adults per day. The trend in Dublin was not so healthy and back at the start of 2014 where the reach was only 78%. So there’s been somewhat of a mini resurgence in listenership over the last few books as it clawed back to 81%. The biggest player in the Dublin market is RTE1 with a reach of 302,000 or 30%. It’s trailed by FM104, having made some ground over the last few books and are now reaching 194,000 listeners every day. This is an increase of 6,000 book on book and 12,000 on the year. Following them is Newstalk at 170,000. Their good fortunes have slowed in the last few books and they were at one point only 10,000 off the second Dublin slot only two surveys back. This has now drifted put to a 24,000 gap with FM104 in this book. They added 8,000 in the capital on the year but didn’t see any takers at all book on book remaining at their previous figure of 170,000. You can see their individual programmes and Dublin listenership in the table below. Making good gains in…


JNLR 2015Q3 Regionals and Local

There’s a lot in the regional and locals so I’m simply going to provide the ammunition: those who want can fire the bullets. All regional stations are performing well against the nationals but still have a way to go before they reach the “home local” grouping in their respective franchises. You can see from the table below where each of the national stations rank in the various franchises. It shows that, in the main, they would be second to the home locals, ahead of RTE1, in all areas, bar one.


JNLR 2015Q3 Top Thirty

The Top 30 is a bit of a mess in terms of comparatives and has been thrown off kilter. The whole 2FM schedule has changed, not only in terms of characters, but, and more importantly for the purposes here, the time slots have changed making it difficult to make genuine hard comparisons. Take for example ‘Breakfast Republic’ on 2FM. Last time out the time segment was 06.00-08.45 and raking in 119,000 listeners in the 15Q2 survey. It’s now on a 06.00-10.00 slot and pulls in 196,000 listeners, which makes the “show” have a gain in listeners of 96,000 or over 80%! So, there is a cautionary note to the comparatives in certain quarters.Anything with an * is a different time slot to previous surveys and has to be treated with caution. The table below is sortable, just click on any of the yellow headings to sort high to low and low to high. Table: Falls       15Q3 14Q3 Fall Anton Savage 09.00-12.00 Today 191 221 -30 Matt Cooper 16.30-19.00 Today 135 153 -18 Ian Dempsey 07.00-09.00 Today 181 196 -15 Liveline 13.45-15.00 RTE 371 382 -11 Jenny Green** 10.00-13.00 2FM 163 171 -8  In fairness, Antons’ figure is…


JNLR 2015Q3 Station Programmes

Here we have a look at the different stations and their weekday offerings. This time out the year on year and book on book are explored.   

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JNLR 2015Q3 Cork Listenership

Red FM have firmly established themselves as the number one station in Cork now at 125,000 or 30% of the population. This is a complete reversal of fortunes since the survey twelve months ago which saw them 46,000 behind 96FM. While the yearly figures are dramatic, with RedFM and Newstalk gaining 42% and 33% respectively, the book on book numbers are a little more subdued with only minimal changes in the past three months. Red FM added another 2,000 and 96FM dropped 1,000 in the three months. The only large change in the survey was RTE1 dropping 6,000 or 7%.               YoY BoB   2015Q3 2014Q3 2015Q2 000 % Reach 000 % Reach Red FM 125 30% 88 21% 123 30% 37 9% 2 0% 96 FM 114 28% 134 32% 115 28% -20 -4% -1 0% Radio 1 85 22% 88 21% 91 22% -3 1% -6 0% C103 64 15% 66 16% 64 15% -2 -1% 0 0% Today FM 50 12% 57 14% 49 12% -7 -2% 1 0% Newstalk 48 12% 36 9% 47 11% 12 3% 1 1% 4 FM 42 10% 35 9% 43 10% 7 1% -1…


ABC Circulation September 2015

It’s a study in newspaper purchasing fickleness this month. The circulation ebb and flow in full view for some of the titles with the numbers they picked up last month disappearing. The Star lost 4,200 in circulation month on month having gained nearly the exact number the month prior to that. The other morning tabloids were, in the words of Churchill, “least worst”. The Sun and Mirror dropped as well, but not as spectacularly as The Star. The Sun on Sunday also dipped nearly 8,500 copies month on month and the Sunday Mirror dropped 1,300. The Mail on Sunday added nearly 10,000 copies. The rest of the papers remained fairly static on the month. Mornings are down 8,500 on the month and 14,700 on the year. Sundays are down 920 on the month and 30,900 on the year. Title Sep-15 Sep-14 Aug-15 Y/Y M/M % Ch Y/Y Daily Mirror  40,652 48,099 42,263 -7,447 -1,611 -15% Daily Record 304 469 378 -165 -74 -35% Irish Daily Star 55,417 61,271 59,715 -5,854 -4,298 -10% The Sun 59,546 60,480 61,365 -934 -1,819 -2% Tabloids 155,919 170,319 163,721 -14,400 -7,802 -8% Daily Express 2,698 2,802 2,895 -104 -197 -4% Irish Daily Mail 45,575 45,559…