JNLR 2015Q1 National Listenership

The latest edition of the JNLR for 2015 Q1 reveals, yet again, that radio is in a healthy position. Every day just over 3m people tune in to one or more radio station or 84% of the population. This is up some 1% on the previous year (2014 Q1) by some 37,000 listeners over the year but it’s up only marginally (3,000 listeners) on the previous book (2014Q4) While the underlying fortunes of individual stations have varied, the overall radion listenership has remained fairly static, deviating only between a reach of 85% and 83% since 2010.  Table : National Reach […]

JNLR 2015Q1 Dublin Listenership

Radio in Dublin is up by 8% or 22,000 listeners on the previous twelve months and radio listenership now stands at 829,000 or a reach of 81% of its citizens. Book on book the increases are marginal growing only 3,000 in the twelve months. You will see from the graphic below that Dublin radio listenership has declined over the past few books, as has the national figure. At one point, between 2010 and 2011, the national and Dublin listenership were roughly at the same level, hovering around 86%. Since then the National listenership has slowly declined to 83%, whereas the […]

JNLR 2015Q1 Top Thirty

The top thirty is a much loved part of the survey in many circles. This year is shows some interesting movements. Below are the tables and they are self explanatory. One interesting note: all of the top five falls all came from RTE1 whereas three of the top five to gain all came from Newstalk. Biggest fall for The Business dropping 16% on the year. Next is the slot that Ray D’Arcy now holds, however it has to be pointed out his name wasn’t on the seat for the majority of the twelve months. That lost 15%      Falls: Programme […]

JNLR 2015Q1 Station Programmes

Looking at the individual stations and their underlying output now. In looking at these just remember that they are year on year comparisons: 15Q1 V 14Q1. Then within the stations there may have been changes to the schedule in terms of personality or the program time slot. So on the surface some figures might look like there’s been a dramatic change (up or down) but you have to understand that it’s a full twelve month comparison. [widgetkit id=26]

JNLR 2015Q1 Regional/Local Stations

Here’s where we look at the local and regional franchises. Again, they are not comparatives as they simply can’t be compared to each other. I’ve made little or no comment as the data is self explanatory and my outpourings won’t add much! The local franchises (below the regional data) are over four years, just to give a bit of perspective on the figures. That particular table is sortable so just click on the heading to sort ascending and descending – hours of fun.        [widgetkit id=28]     000 % 000 % 000 % 000 % 000 % Station County […]