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Newspaper Circulation Jan June 2014

“Ta-da” – the cosmetic adverts catchphrase. I use it mockingly as it heralds the publication, finally, of the ABC’s of the reaming newspapers in the market. Plenty of cosmetics would be needed to make these figures even vaguely attractive. The total market contacted by 7% over a twelve month period. The market is still 204m newspapers a year, but falling at 7% per annum isn’t a sustainable business model. The morning market is falling faster than the Sunday market and you can have as many hypothesis on that as you like.  Market JJ 2014 JJ 2013 Diff ‘000 Diff % Total Sunday 780,613 834,374 -53,761 -6% Total Morning 463,163 495,991 -32,828 -7% Total Evening 63,600 73,942 -10,342 -14%           Total Market 1,307,376 1,405,818 -98,441 -7% The two graphs below illustrate the fortunes of each segment. But the last graph shows the rate of decline in each market. I’ve superimposed out GDP growth/decline over the same period to further illustrate that at one point the fortunes of the economy and the newspaper market were intrinsically linked it would seem. Now there would seem to have been an uncoupling of this bond – for the worse.    …


Morning Newspaper Circulation Jan June 2014

The morning market slipped back 6% to 463,000 since the audit of Jan-June 2013 and has now dropped 28% since 2000. The brunt of the fall was felt in the ‘red tops’ who collectively have fallen 35% since the millennium whereas the non red-tops have declined by 22%.   The Irish Independent lost  8,700 copies or 7% of its circulation over the year and managed to kept the bulks at 13% the same as last year. The Irish Times managed to stay ahead of the eighty mark but lost 3,800 (-5%) over the same period last year. But, perhaps things could have been worse if the ‘bulks’ hadn’t kicked in. The Irish Times increased their bulks from an average of 6,036 last year to 9,014 this time out or 4.2% of sales in 2013 to 11.3% of sales in 2014. The Examiner fared badly over the year dropping -8% to 35,000. Red Tops The real damage was sustained to the “red-tops” who are collectively down 7% year on year and a massive 35% since 2000. Their share of the morning market has fallen to 37% down from a high in 2005 of a 45% share.  The biggest faller over the twelve…


Sunday Newspaper Circulation Jan June 2014

The market fell by -6% or 53,000 in twelve months. The Sunday Independent dropped 12,000 over the twelve months to 220,000. The Sunday world lost 13,000 which drops it back to below 200,000 to 198,000. The Sunday Business Post, despite a new look, lost 11% to rest at 34,000.   The Daily Star on Sunday does nothing in the market here and is beginning to reap what is it has sown with an 11% decline year on year. The People outperformed that and dropped 16% of its sales in the year. At head office a decision has been made that the Sunday mirror and Peoples’ editorial is to be merged and might signal the beginning of the end for the title The Sun (Sunday) dropped 4% – which is better than the market decrease – they lost 2,200 on the year. The Sunday Mirror lost 9% or 3,700 and the collective tabloids fell by 8% on the year. The Mail on Sunday fell back 6% or 6,000 copies and now hovers just over 100,000. The Sunday Times fell back 7% or 6,400 copies and hasn’t managed to arrest the decline, as like many others in the Sunday Market, in recent…