JNLR 2014 Q2 Regional/Local Stations

Turning to regional and local now: In terms of regional stations they face stiff and very localised competition from the home local stations in their respective franchises. Add to this the competition from the national broadcasters and you really have your work cut out for you. But, in the main, each of the Regional Stations is tracking in the right direction. Beat 102 in the Southwest franchise still manages to keep RTE1 at bay and is making gains on the Home Local stations. Its impossible to make or try and draw comparisons as each franchise dynamic is completely different. For […]

ABC Irish Newspaper Circulation May 2014

Nothing spectacular happened in May – the end of the premier league and the beginning of the Football and Hurling championship (and therefore order being resorted to the world!). The ABC’s were equally less than spectacular and continued along the same lines as normal. The Daily Mirror stepped into dangerous territory, dropping below the 50k mark. It had dipped there before in December, but that’s allowed given the season etc.The Daily Star managed to keep ahead of The Sun by a slim 82 copies, dropping 900 copies in the month and the latter picking up 300. The Sunday tabloids as […]