UK Readership – NRS Jan-Dec 2013NRS

It’s infinitely easier to amalgamate some of the data that’s appeared of late in one block. They all have a close association to each other, all hail from the UK and therefore it’s as well to marshal them all together. The data relates to the latest quarter of the NRS readership survey and the recent eABC certificates for the UK nationals. The readership survey appeared on Wednesday and it shows what everybody knows that print is in decline and web was on the up. The print research side is a face to face interview and the web portion comes from […]

2013 JNRS Newspaper Readership

With all the data we received yesterday, we nearly overlooked the readership data via the JNRS. It’s unfortunate (or otherwise) that they use the release date for the Island of Ireland report to also release the findings of the readership survey.  The survey is conducted face to face with 7,000 adults annually and questions them on their newspaper reading habits, both the physical product and online. It’s counterpart in the UK (NRS) takes a slightly different approach to the digital element in that they use comScore data to assess the online numbers. The survey showed that just over 3m people […]

ABC Sunday Newspaper Circulation July December 2013

The Sunday Market, like the morning, dropped 6% year on year, down 54,000 to 811,000. Unlike the morning market where there was a somewhat consistency to the declines the papers in the Sunday Market had very mixed fortunes. If falling circulation still manages to get you the title of ‘best performer’, then the Sunday Independent deserves that accolade. It only dropped 3% year on year and all other titles in the market declined by greater percentages. I’m of the opinion that the Sunday Market is a peculiar creature and some papers will fair ‘better’ than others because of this. The […]

ABC Morning Newspaper Circulation July December 2013

Morning Market: The first point of reference is that the morning market has fallen below 500k for the first time and, as can see from the various charts accompanying the post, there is no sign of any reversal of fortunes. The big fallers year on year are the Red Tops who collectively are down 8%. The Sun and The Daily Star slug it out for worst performers in the Morning market title, watched on closely by the Daily Mirror. In the six month average both The Sun and The Star managed to stay above 60,000, but recent fortunes in the […]

Irish Newspaper Circulation January 2014

January, thankfully, showed a change in the outlooks of the tabloids, most notably the Daily Mirror bouncing back some 7,000 copies on its December figure and the Sun followed suit gaining nearly 3,000. Still the year on year figure is bleak down between 5% and 9% – the latter percent being the Irish Daily Star. All the papers got a lift for the New Year bar the Observer – which it should be noted is one of the most expensive papers in the Irish Market weighing in at €3.00 – the same as the FT.  The Sunday Mirror is down […]


North East:Kildare, Louth, Meath, Laois, Offaly, Westmeath, Cavan & Monaghan Northwest Share Reach % Reach ‘000 Home Local Station 40.80% 48% 274 RTE Radio 1 16.60% 22% 125 iRadio NW 13.30% 21% 121 Today FM 9.30% 15% 83 RTE 2FM 6.80% 12% 68 Newstalk 2.90% 7% 40 RTE Lyric FM 0.90% 2% 12


North West: Galway, Mayo, Roscommon, Longford, Leitrim, Sligo & Donegal Northeast Share Reach % Reach ‘000 Home Local Station 28.60% 28% 194 RTE Radio 1 24.20% 21% 140 Today FM 11.60% 14% 94 RTE 2FM 9.50% 13% 87 iRadio NE 7.80% 12% 82 Newstalk 4.50% 7% 50 RTE Lyric FM 0.80% 2% 12


South East: Carlow, Kilkenny, Wexford, Waterford & Tipperary South Riding Southeast Share Reach % Reach ‘000 Home Local Station 36.20% 37% 146 Beat 102-103FM 15.00% 23% 90 RTE Radio 1 19.60% 21% 83 Today FM 12.30% 15% 58 RTE 2FM 8.30% 12% 46 Newstalk 3.90% 7% 26 RTE Lyric FM 1.10% 3% 12


South West: Limerick, Clare, Kerry, Tipperary North Riding & South West Laois Southwest  Share Reach % Reach ‘000 Home Local Station 45.40% 47% 194 RTE Radio 1 17.00% 21% 89 RTE 2FM 10.70% 15% 62 Today FM 9.00% 15% 63 Spin South West 8.70% 18% 75 Newstalk 4.00% 7% 28 RTE Lyric FM 1.50% 3% 13


Pat Kenny’s figure is the one that everyone will discuss here. 98,000 listeners for a combined survey with Tom Dunne and an increase of 81% on the year. But, as I speculate here, there may be further to go. In comparison to the previous survey, it looks as if it hasn’t exactly spilled over that much into the lunchtime slot and Moncrieff can’t really be a benefactor having increased survey on survey. George Hook is down slightly on the year and Off the Ball made somewhat of a comeback. The graphic below does show that there is a bit of […]

Today FM

 Today FM dropped marginally by 9,000 or 2%. Ian Dempsey managed a very decent 8% increase, but Ray D’Arcy and the KC show were obviously feeling the pinch from format changes elsewhere. Time Programme Station 2013_4 2012_4 ‘+/- ‘+/-2 07.00-09.00 Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show Today  189 175 14 8% 09.00-12.00 Ray D’Arcy Show Today  230 243 -13 -5% 12.00-14.30 The KC Show Today  126 151 -25 -17% 14.30-16.30 Tony Fenton Today  105 113 -8 -7% 16.30-19.00 The Last Word Today  160 160 0 0% 19.00-22.00 The Mix Up* Today  29 25 4 16%


Lyric increased its listenership by 11,000 over the year with a big push from Marty Whelan who increased listenership by 41%. Niall Carroll increased his showing as well, but the rest of the day tailed off Time Programme Station 2013_4 2012_4 ‘+/- ‘+/-2 07.00-10.00 Marty in the Morning  Lyric  41 29 12 41% 10.00-14.00 Niall Carroll’s Classical Daytime Lyric  41 38 3 8% 14.00-16.00 The John Kelly Ensemble Lyric  27 29 -2 -7% 16.00-19.00 Liz Nolan’s Classic Drive Lyric  42 45 -3 -7% 19.00-20.00 Jazz Alley  Lyric  13 14 -1 -7%  


2FM managed a small increase in their listenership over the year but the underlying figures show that a large tranche of their programmes did not do well. Most interestingly, the slot that ‘took it for the team’ is the one that excelled in the figures – “Breakfast With Hector” adding 12,000 or 10% year on year. In the top thirty, only five programmes managed a 10%+ increase year on year and Hector was one of them! The ‘soldiers of the dawn’ did not desert their Captain, although it looks like the Generals did.It’s no harm in pointing out that there are […]


Morning Ireland added a few listeners as did John Murray (although absent for a large portion of the survey). In what’s now a very competitive morning slot Séan O’Rourke managed an increase of 6,000 on last year’s figure – but it’s only fair to say that it is down 7,000 on the previous survey (Q3) when he was only a month in the job. When Pat filled that slot he was pulling in around 320/30 thousand. He’s now in Newstalk and could be attracting about 150,000 to 130,000 if the maths are in his favour. This would mean that RTE1 has […]