The Sun’s numbers behind the paywall

Very interesting numbers from News UK last week – publishers of the Sunday Times and The Sun etc. After a few months behind a paywall it has revealed that the Sun has currently 117,000 subscribers to its digital offering Sun+. Their last audited figure before they went behind the wall was 1.8m for July 2013 which equates to a 6.5% conversion to digital. It wouldn’t be the strongest figure in the world but there is an upside in that the 117,000 as it will add £12m to the turnover of the paper. In the same press release it revealed that […] Website audit October 2013

It slipped into the ABC email, hoping to remain unnoticed perhaps. But along with the monthly ABC’s was the website audit for for August 2013. Unfortunately this audit is not directly comparable to their previous audit as the sites under scrutiny are different. This audit covers only whereas the previous one for March 2012 covers all of it products (,, etc). The results are below and show that, on average, just short of a quarter of a million people visit the website every day and 4m people visit the site every month. Using the daily average […]

November ABC Irish Newspaper circulations 2013

A fairly grim month for the Tabloids, again. Whatever it was about the month all the titles suffered. The Sun back nearly 3,400 copies (about 5%) and The Daily Star recording a 1,600 drop. The Mirror was the surprise of the month adding 1,800 to its numbers. Collectively the tabloids were down nearly 3,000 copies – and history shows that it won’t get any better next month. The Sun is currently perilously close to a drop into the physiological bad lands of sub 60,000 copies– something their sales force would prefer not to see.  All the Sunday tabloids were in […]

Johnston Press Irish Titles for sale?

All very interesting in the regional’s where Mediaforce (represents regional newspapers to advertising agencies and major advertisers (Mediaforce Titles) are making a play for the Republic Of Ireland titles of Johnston Press for a suggested €8.5m in cash. The current Johnston portfolio is Dundalk Democrat, Leinster Leader, Leinster Express, Leitrim Observer, Longford Leader, Kilkenny People, Limerick Leader, The Nationalist and Munster Advertiser, Tipperary Star and The Echo. Mediaforce here represent over 50 regional titles in the Republic. Their job would be essentially to be the voice of those titles to advertising agencies and large brands. The make it easier for […]