UK Newspaper Readership 2013_Q3

Here’s a very quick look at the latest NRS survey in the UK released yesterday. Readership of the print edition combined with comscore data on their respective websites gives a PAAD – Print And Digital Data or a news title’s ‘brand footprint’ –their total readership across print and electronic media. In terms of print readership, The Sun is by far the best read paper in the UK at 6.1m readers every day, nearly 1.5m readers ahead of its closest rival the Daily Mail. The best read paper in the UK reaches 12% of the population whereas here the best read paper, the Sunday independent, reaches 26%. That’s says more about the proliferation of national and local media available in the UK than it does on the might of the Sunday Independent. Across the board, in comparison to the previous quarter, all papers have dropped print readership, with the tabloids suffering the most. Most papers are down around 2% but the redtops are looking at around 5% declines. This is not helped by the fact that they, tabloid readers, are not abandoning print for the web – they are simply abandoning their titles. The Mail dominates the web readership with 2m…

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Irish Online Newspaper Readership

I normally keep a tighter rein on the outpourings of comscore, but have been sadly remiss of late and missed two gems from an Irish perspective- it’s a sad reflection that we have to look to a US based organisation to get some solid figures on Ireland. The research was conducted in September 2013 and shows that eight out of ten Europeans visited News & Information site in September. The Nordic countries lead the way taking the top three spots, followed then by Ireland with 96% of Irish internet users visiting a News & Information site that month. It interesting to note that we are passionate about news consumption – so long as it’s free!   Another piece of research they conducted concerned the site that we vist in Ireland and how they compare to the same data last year. As you can see, the most visited site was IN&M (, their regional’s, etc) with just shy of a million people visiting one of their sites in September. The Mail online nicked the second berth from the Irish Times this year, but both papers recording a drop in visitors over the year. The Guardian and Telegraph record 422,000 and…

October abc 2013

October 2013 Newspaper ABC’s

The October ABC’s were released earlier today and show a continued decline of newspaper sales, for those that produce a monthly figure anyway. As a group the tabloids are still taking a beating, down 21,000 year on year and close to 4,000 month on month with The Daily Mirror contributing nearly half of that drop.  The Daily Mail is down just shy of 3,000 on the month with the morning market down 7,500 on the month and 23,000 on the year.  Looking at the Sundays, The Sun (Sunday) manages a rare gain, adding 1,400 to their numbers but is still back 8,000 on the year. The other tabloids all show declines both month on month and year on year.  Similar to the morning version, the Mail on Sunday is down but a more severe 3,700. The Sunday Times managed to correct a recent downward trend and added a fairly spectacular (in this market anyway) 7,300 month on month.On the back of that, the Sunday market is actually up 2,500 on the months but down a very sobering 30,000 on the year. The chart below tracks the monthly data and the six monthly data showing the similarities between both. Title Oct-13…