Newstalk made that big swoop in the summer for Pat Kenny and there’s only one month in the survey where Pat was at his desk in Newstalk. However, it looks as if there is already some signs of defection from RTE with the 10:00 – 12:30 slot gaining 27,000 – the biggest programme gain in the station. Strangely, not much of those gains transferred to Lunchtime.   Time Programme 2013_3 2012_3 +/- 07.00-10.00 Breakfast  121 133 -12 10.00-12.30 Pat Kenny 78 51 27 12.30-13.30 Lunchtime 65 62 3 13.30-16.30 Moncrieff 110 94 16 16.30-19.00 The Right Hook 135 136 -1 19.00-22.00 […]


Today lost 36,000 listeners nationally in this survey with Ray D’Arcy and the KC show both losing listeners.      Time Programme 2013_3 2012_3 +/- 07.00-09.00 The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show 180 189 -9 09.00-12.00 The Ray D’Arcy Show 231 249 -18 12.00-14.30 The Ray Foley Show 132 153 -21 14.30-16.30 Tony Fenton 110 117 -7 16.30-19.00 The Last Word with Matt Cooper 158 170 -12 19.00-22.00 The Mix Up* 25 27 -2 Only a very small portio of the day beats the last survey. 


Marty has managed to add a few listeners in the morning (+6,000), but the rest of the schedule has declined. Time Programme 2013_3 2012_3 +/- 07.00-10.00 Marty in the Morning  37 31 6 10.00-14.00 Niall Carroll’s Classical Daytime 38 40 -2 14.00-16.00 The John Kelly Ensemble 28 32 -4 16.00-19.00 Liz Nolan’s Classic Drive 44 49 -5 19.00-20.00 Jazz Alley  14 15 -1 The latter part of the day has declined considerably.   


The falls in 2FM are accross the day butTubrity showing the biggest decrease loosing 23,000 and Hector dropping 14,000  Time Programme 2013_3 2012_3 +/- 07.00-09.00 Breakfast With Hector 124 138 -14  09.00-11.00 Tubridy 152 175 -23  11.00-13.00 Colm Hayes 135 137 -2  13.00-14.00 Larry Gogan’s Golden Hour 80 86 -6  14.00-16.30 Rick in the Afternoon 117 125 -8  16.30-19.00 More Music Drive With Will Leahy 112 123 -11  19.00-20.00 Game On with Damien O’Meara* 21 26 -5  You can see that the morning slot has been under pressure for a few surveys now


It’s a game of two halves here. The morning schedule all increased and the afternoon/evening programmes all dropped. The big gains over the surveys were for Ronan Collins (+24,000) and Pat Kenny/Séan O’Rourke (+13,000). The biggest faller was Liveline (-18,000) followed by Drivetime ((17,000). The well publicised departure of Pat Kenny from RTE took place over the summer  and he started to broadcast on Newstalk in September. That’s means that we have only one month in the survey with PK on Newstalk. Time Programme 2013_3 2012_3 +/- 07.00-09.00 Morning Ireland 448 441 7  09.00-10.00 John Murray 325 318 7  10.00-12.00 […]

JNLR 2013 Q3 National Listenership

The National picture for radio is still very healthy with 2,995,000 or 83% tuning in on an average day. But as the graphic shows the picture has been one of slight erosion over that past few surveys given that in 2009 radio’s reach was 87%. The proliferation of technology isn’t exactly helping radio listenership as with technology comes other distractions like Facebook and Twitter etc which might well be eating into what was once radio time. Radio listenership is much dominated by the early part of the day with the morning schedule between eight and ten taking the loins share […]

JNLR 2013 Q3 Dublin Listenership

Overall listenership in Dublin dropped marginally by 8,000 to 809,000 and a reach of 80%. The Dublin landscape is very interesting and changeable each survey. Again the caveat here is certainly to take into account the comparison between surveys, but also to look at the bigger picture of where a station is trending over a few surveys. RTE1 dominates the Dublin listenership with 286,000 listeners and a 28% reach. Its closest rival is FM104 at 207,000 (20%) down 19,000 on the same survey last year. Spin is a distant third at 13% or 135,000 back 23,000 on 2012 Q3 and 98FM […]

JNLR 2013 Q3 Station Programmes

Here we take a look at the individual stations and how their programmes compare to the same survey last year. This comparison is the twelve months to September 2013 compared to the twelve months to September 2012. So in other quarters you’ll find a slight difference in the performance of the programmes as they will be comparing this survey to, most likely, the previous one (2012 Q2) so take note! [module-205]

JNLR 2013 Q3 Top 30

This is the portion of the report that seems to get the most attention in the media, especially the print media. It’s how the individual programmes performed in the survey in comparison to last year’s numbers.We have (in the spirit of Top of the Pops!) two new entrants with Dave Fanning and Today FM Saturday Sport joining the top 30. The biggest faller was The Business dropping 24,000 and Tubridy dropping 23,000. RTE Saturday Sport was the biggest winner but the times are marginally different this year, the show being half an hour longer. Morning Ireland is still the most […]

JNLR 2013 Q3 Local Stations

Normally, nothing really changes in the local franchises, a percent here or there dictates the headlines in most surveys. But there have been some seismic changes to a few of the stations figures, and not in a positive fashion. Tipp FM’s reach dropped twelve points to 38% from 50%. Likewise Galway Bay moved to 36% from 45% down nine points.  The root cause of those rather sharp drops are best explained locally, but I’m sure that a stewards enquiry will be taking place.     Local Q3 Reach % Franchise 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 YoY Highland Radio  Nth Donegal […]

07:00 to 23:00

It shows that the national station dominates most of the day and really only declines in the evening. Morning Ireland, the Pat Kenny/ Séan O’Rourke slot, News at One and Joe Duffy suck in most of the available listeners in.  

12:00 to 18:00

This is really looking at the might of the One O’ Clock news and Liveline. In the late afternoon, as the radio listeners begin to dwindle so does RTE’s dominance. In the commute slot, Drivetime dominates, Matt Cooper is second and manages to edge out George Hook by a few thousand.