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Irish Newspaper Readership JNRS 2013

Without the fanfare that used to accompany the release of the JNRS the figures they nonetheless surfaced this morning. This book is different to previous years in the respect that it measured newspaper readership across two medium, print and online. These two figures are then combined to give a “brand footprint” – the total reach of a news brand. Whilst it’s a welcome move on behalf of the industry and one that perhaps should have been address some years back, there are some particularly irksome aspects to the survey. Although the various stakeholders in the survey go to great lengths to hammer home that this is a new survey and that these figures cannot be compared to previous surveys. However the survey splits readership into the print editions and the online editions of each title separately and therefore anyone curious will naturally make the comparison to past surveys. This survey would have us believe that readership of the print edition is on the up, and has been for many years now, for the morning titles anyway. Now, without putting to fine a point on it – I find the numbers incredulous. The last five years have possibly been the worst in…