June ABC’s 2013

Relative to some of the previous months, this hasn’t been too bad, but only on a month on month basis. June saw the start of the Football and Hurling, which may have contributed to a few sales and even the famous Anglo tapes might have helped papers other than the Indo a little as well. The Daily Mirror added a few copies (and a shiny new website – which is worth a look at www.irishmirror.ie) up 700 on the month. The Star lost yet another few bundles down just over 1000 month on month and The Sun wasn’t too far […]

Anglo tapes in social numbers

It’s been an interesting month for the news media who have been feasting on the sound bites from the Anglo tapes. The Independent uncovered the tapes and gave over a lot, of warranted, space to the tapes. They also showcased their ‘digital first strategy’ – online and then supported via in-depth analysis in the print version/ online version. According to the paper, their website video (a/v) views went from 30,000 in a normal day to an average of 130,000 that week – peaking at 156,000 for the now infamous ‘Deutschland Uber Alles” rendition.