Paywall Announcements

The announcements are coming fast and furious in the print media, or soon to be digital media! Over the past 24 hours The Telegraph announced that it was moving behind a paywall in April and The Sun also chipped in that it too was leaping over as well, but in August, to coincide with the beginning of the Premier League.    To be technically correct the Telegraph will sit behind a metered paywall, where it will allow the viewer 20 articles per month free. Unfettered access to their website and app will be £1.99 per week and, for the year, £20. Then there is a separate subscription, which is £9.99 per month or £99 a year, for access to their publications via a tablet coupled with “loyalty club membership”.  So they are making a clear and a premium price distinction between PC/App based viewing and viewing their publications via a tablet. The print price of the Daily Telegraph is £1.20 M-F, £2.00 Sat and the Sunday Telegraph is £2.00. Even the higher digital price of £99 p.a. is good value in comparison to the print edition, which would be £520 if you were to buy the Daily every day and…