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Newspapers ABC Circulation July-Dec 2012

Before we get into each specific market it’s worth looking at the big picture. The market as a whole is down 6% with the morning and evenings falling by 7% in the year. The market has lost 100,000 copy sales in a short twelve month period and you can see from the graphics below that there seems to be no respite in this decline. Although the rate of decline has slowed it’s still a breakneck -6.3% per annum. These are alarming figures and this position hasn’t been reached overnight – it’s been happening since the middle of the last decade. The writing has been on the wall for years but where’s the innovation in the industry? There seems to be a cohort there hanging for dear life on to the printed word while other groups are taking a lead, Pearson for example – their mantra these days is digital first.  Market JD 2012 JD 2011 Diff ‘000 Diff % Total Sunday 865,221 920,198 -54,977 -6% Total Morning 513,896 552,274 -38,378 -7% Total Evening 75,386 81,046 -5,660 -7%           Total Market 1,454,503 1,553,518 -99,015 -6% Just like the floppy disk, newspapers will be superseded by a more…

Sunday World Circulation (Click Me!)

Sunday Newspapers ABC July-Dec 2012

The Sunday market, at 865,000, is down 6% on the same six months as last year, a drop of 55,000 copies in twelve months. The Sunday Market headline has to be dominated by the 14% decline in circulation of The Sunday World dropping 34,000 to 217,000. While there are, on the surface, grater declines for all the tabloids in the market, that can be easily explained away by the closing of the NoW and the opening of The Sun (Sunday). Granted they are real declines in the order of 40% for those papers but it’s like an explainable ‘act of god’ in circulation terms so I’m going to try and look past it at this juncture.  Publication JD 2012 JD 2011 Diff ‘000 Diff % Sunday Independent   237,185 250,641 -13,456 -5% Sunday World 217,141 251,455 -34,314 -14% Sunday Business Post 39,416 43,141 -3,725 -9% Daily Star Sunday  25,580 40,226 -14,646 -36% The Sun (Sunday) 64,789 64,789 0% Irish Sunday Mirror 40,688 66,403 -25,715 -39% The People 17,743 28,390 -10,647 -38% Sunday Express 3,628 4,431 -803 -18% Mail on Sunday 109,093 114,114 -5,021 -4% Independent.on Sunday 0 1,571 -1,571 -100% The Observer 6,435 7,354 -919 -12% Sunday Telegraph 2,802 2,933 -131…

Morning News market J D 2012

Morning Newspapers ABC July-Dec 2012

In the six months to December 2012, the morning market fell by 7% or 39,000 copies per day compared to the same six months in 2111. The biggest faller in percentage terms was the Daily Star dropping 13% or just over 10,000 copies. This is followed by The Sun, down 8% and the Irish Times back 8%. There doesn’t seem to have been any sleight of hand magic in the respective circulation departments as the bulks stayed relatively stable year on year – the Independent maintaining 12% bulks and the Irish Times 8%. Bulks are a very legitimate and, at times, necessary marketing ploy used by newspapers – but there’s a point where the levels of bulks are so high that it begins to discredit the topline figure. It’s not for me to moralise as to where that line is crossed, suffice to say that some, in my opinion, are coming very close.    Publication JD 2012 JD 2011 Diff ‘000 Diff % Irish Independent 123,981 131,161 -7,180 -5% Irish Times 88,356 96,150 -7,794 -8% Examiner 39,555 42,083 -2,528 -6% Daily Mirror 56,709 59,221 -2,512 -4% Irish Daily Star 70,805 81,210 -10,405 -13% The Sun 69,541 75,819 -6,278 -8% 197,479…


Regional Newspapers ABC Circulation July-Dec 2012

The decline in the number of Regional Papers being part of the ABC process is falling at a pace. Two years ago there were nearly 45 papers (paid for) certified by the ABC, now only 24 decide to confess annually or bi-annually. The only papers to record an increase are the Echo in Dublin and the Donegal News Monday edition. Monday edition.. most likely still living off the special edition the Monday after the All Ireland Final in September. I don’t joke, sales up 25% in September for the Monday edition of the News! Elsewhere in the parishes things are bleak, as bleak as they are nationally. They collectively are down 8% – mirroring the national picture. The big faller is the Leinster and Offaly Express but that because of the closure of one of the titles and the comparison is unkind at best. Other than that, there is little to report.   Paper 2012 2011 2010 2009 12 V 11 Clare Champion 15,742 16,691 17,969 Connacht Sentinel 4,872 5,241 5,349 Connacht Tribune 20,702 21,860 23,279 Donegal Democrat (Thurs) 7,684 9,191 10,385 11,120 -16% Donegal Democrat (Tues) 5,855 6,618 7,650 8,009 -12% Donegal News Friday 10,861 11,186 11,436 11,465 -3% Donegal…

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Evening Newspapers ABC June-Dec 2012

Just to cover the whole market, you’d have to look at the Evening market. Although you can hardly call one local paper in Dublin and another in Cork a ‘market’. Anyway… Publication JD 2012 JD 2011 Diff ‘000 Diff % Evening Herald   58,826 62,414 -3,588 -6% Echo 16,560 18,632 -2,072 -11% Total  75,386 81,046 -5,660 -7% I like looking at this from 1990 as it shows the true collapse of the evening newspaper in Ireland. From close to a quarter a million sales every evening to just over 75,000 two decades later.


JNRS 2012

If you wanted to actually see the definition of ‘being at odds with’ then you only have to look at the latest results from the JNRS and see how alien it is to monthly circulation data.    Circulation numbers are easy to see in theses many and varied digital outpourings and they paint a fairly consistent monthly picture – a medium (printing on paper) in decline. If the circulation figures paints the reality of daily life where John/Jane Doe pay over their hard earned currency for a newspaper then we know that there are less and less of them – according to the circulation monthly data.   I appreciate that the JNRS gets to the demographic and analytical level of the newspaper business, something not captured in the raw circulation data and is important in the advertising side of the coin.   The varied Mrs Shaw’s of the advertising world, selling acreage in print, need the JNRS so they can sell to unwilling victims in Ad Agencies the papers fantastic reach of single women, the leverage they have in the 15-34 yr old bracket or their grip of the much vaunted ABC1’s.  But surely (don’t call me…) at this point…


RTE Web Statistics October 2012

The October RTE web stats dropped in today showing that the broadcaster had a 6% rise in daily traffic over the year although its daily page impressions were down close to two percent- more volume, slightly less engagement. But, on average each person looks at about eight pages per visit.    Curiously, their streams were down substantially, with the average daily AV plays dropping 34% in the year. You can do all the theorising you like as to that statistic and not knowing enough behind the core stats, I’m not going to attempt even an educated guess. The really interesting part of the figures come in the split between the web based browser and the app. Now, I think that at this point it’s worth throwing this out: The app is just that – straightforward enough. The web based viewing would be pc and smartphone via the web and likewise any tablet via a browser. Not that it makes much difference, but I’d like to see a split between desk based and phone or tablet. The App based visits now account for 30% of the total visits, up from 18% last year. But the app user accounts for 50% of…