RTE Web Statistics

I am waiting (hopefully) for a release of the RTE audited figures for their website which should be released around now; I thought I reflect on some of the recent goings on from their previous website stats.   Firstly it’s noteworthy that there had been a substantial increase, between October and May in the number of visitors to RTE sites via their unique ‘app’ – up from 18% to 27% of total visitors. But the app visitors seem to have a fairly ferocious appetite for data. They accounted for a quarter of the visitors but for nearly half the total […]

Irish Newspaper Circulation October 2012 ABC’s

What a difference a month can make and I’d particularly focus on the tabloid section of the Morning market in that statement. September was a good (enough) month for the tabloids especially as the hurlers took two bites of the apple. The Daily Star used those events to do a bit of price promotion and managed to maintain its numbers in September.   However, October has been a disaster for the Red Tops: The Sun fell 4% to 68,696 – the paper never having been in the 60’s – and the Daily Star stayed this side of it by only […]

USA ABC Newspaper Circulations

You can’t escape the USA today – it being election day. So on the back of that I thought I’d have a quick look at the leading papers in the US and see how they are fairing against the previous year. They take a slightly different approach their ABC data as they combine the daily press circulation and the number of registered (ie access to restricted material) users. On the face of it, the press looks like it’s in a very healthy position with eight of the top 14 papers having a better year than last. However it you look […]