D Star Galway Promo

Irish Newspaper ABC Circulation September 2012

Starting with the tabloids as it, historically, is a decent month for them. But not for all of them as The Sun took a hit of some 1,100 month on month. The Mirror was down 800 and the Daily Star just maintained the previous months figure.  Perhaps this was due in part to the finals of the Football and Hurling and offering the supporters a promotion on their home turf. The Daily Star targeted the Mayo, Donegal, Galway and Kilkenny population with a €1 “to celebrate” (an all to clichéd phrase) their county reaching the All Ireland Finals – Kilkenny and Galway getting two weeks out of the promotion.It’s the only time this year you’ll see the Daily Star on a price parity with The Sun and Daily Mirror. Seemingly, the offering lead to “significant lifts” in circulation in the participating counties for the weeks of the promotion – so those days of glassing over listening to the theories on Price Elasticity weren’t completely waited when you can see the theory in real life. September will also be memorable for “Middlegate”. In a “service to our readers”, said the editor of the Daily Star, they decided to print topless pictures…