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Hot water for The Scottish Sun & serialisation

Some interesting developments in Scotland that have some interest for us here as well. The Scottish Sun, which is similar to The Irish Sun in that it’s a sanitised version of the ‘main’ paper taking into account the different pallets of the various regions, has landed itself in hot water with many section of Scottish society and beyond. If you’re not a follower of the round ball (foreign game style naturally) in Scotland some background: Glasgow Rangers, one of the oldest and largest clubs in Scotland, was placed in administration this year and on the back of that, they now ply their trade in the Scottish third division. There are many reasons that the club was placed in administration in the first place one of them was due to a massive tax bill being demanded from the club by the UK authorities. The clubs financial affairs have been closely watched for the past four years by journalist and author Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and he has just penned a book on the saga called ‘Downfall: How Rangers FC Self-dectructed’ which was released this week. It’s a big story in Scotland (well Glasgow) and would be of interest to many individuals….