I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday….

“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today” as Wimpy would suggest to Popeye that he feed him, yet again. A short term solution to a long term problem. The decision of the Irish Daily Star to publish the pictures of Kate Middleton was a decision very much based on selling papers on a Saturday but ultimately may lead to unwinding the company on Monday. The speed of the criticism was incredible and the only individuals who publically cling on to an unapologetic and near vitriolic line were its Editor Michael O’Kane and M.D. Ger Colleran. Both completely entitled […]

Irish Newspaper Circulation ABC August 2012

This month sees some actual month on month increases in newspaper sales. To highlight just how rare that is:  in the last 20 months there have only been six months where a month on month increase in the overall market has been recorded and one of those months was the introduction of the Sun on Sunday. The tabloids did well this month recording a 4,000 increase on the previous month. August is normally a strong month for the tabloids with the reintroduction of the UK soccer schedule and the business end of the GAA kicking off too. August was also […]

Hot water for The Scottish Sun & serialisation

Some interesting developments in Scotland that have some interest for us here as well. The Scottish Sun, which is similar to The Irish Sun in that it’s a sanitised version of the ‘main’ paper taking into account the different pallets of the various regions, has landed itself in hot water with many section of Scottish society and beyond. If you’re not a follower of the round ball (foreign game style naturally) in Scotland some background: Glasgow Rangers, one of the oldest and largest clubs in Scotland, was placed in administration this year and on the back of that, they now […]