Irish Newspaper Circulation July 2012

The Morning tabloids showed a rise in circulation, mainly due to the strength of the Mirror, although The Sun and Star had small increases as well. Surprisingly, there was only one faller month on month – the Daily Mail. This is counter balanced by the fact that there were only two papers to show and increase year on year.   The tabloids are down over 30,000 in the past twelve months and the total morning market is down 34,000 in the year. The Sunday Sun continues to disappoint on the sales front dropping 5,600 on the month. It’s really not looking good for the publication which has been met with a very luke warm reception. Nobody could ever defend the actions of its previous incarnation, but has the group lost its edge after the hammering it took over the phone “hacking”. The Sunday Sun has made no real effort to distinguish itself from the Daily – not to level of difference that existed between The Sun and the NoW. Murdock did say from the outset that it was going to be a ‘seven day publication’, which, from the sales, is not going down too well witht eh buying public. Its…

Morning Newspaper Sales Jan June 2012

Irish Morning Newspaper ABC Circulations, Jan-June 2012

Like the Sunday Market there is a headline figure in the morning market and it’s the Daily Star. It’s nearly out on its own with a double digit decline of 14% falling to 75,000 and down nearly 12,000 copies over the year (let’s spare ourselves all the analogies to the small lights in the sky). In market terms the tabloids have suffered the most at the hands of the recession down collectively 11% year on year. The Sun is down 7,000 (9%) and the Mirror down nearly 5,000 ((8%) on the year. It’s only fair to point out that there is a substantial price differential between the tabloids. The Sun and The Mirror sell at the handy price point of €1 Monday to Saturday. The Daily Star on the other hand sells at €1.40 throughout the week. In these times of penury, that €0.40 could be the big deciding factor in the morning (it’s a €125 a year difference to do the economics on it). These days, once newspaper sales are lost, there’s little or no chance of those copies ever returning to the circulation figures and therefore it’s time to go to “Plan B”. The biggest fear is that…

evening market jj 2012

Evening Newspaper ABC Circulations, Jan-June 2012

Although the evening market is really just two local papers at different corners of the country – they still have to be covered. With the market as it is, the Evening Herald did well to more or less retain last year’s numbers. The introduction of the Dubliner magazine on Thursdays and the ability to grab headlines (Herald was all over Sky news today as it published pictures of Prince Harry in Vegas) seems to be working     Publication JJ 2012 JJ 2011 Diff ‘000 Diff % Evening Herald   61,179 61,936 -757 -1% Echo 17,556 20,011 -2,455 -12% Total  78,735 81,947 -3,212 -4% The Market – when looked at through the chart looks very bleak.   

JJ 2012 Sunday Market

Irish Sunday Newspaper ABC Circulations, Jan-June 2012

Outside the headline figure of a 31% drop for the Sun on Sunday compared to the News of the World, the big story would be the 14% drop in the circulation of the Sunday Business Post.  In the last twelve months it lost nearly 7,000 copies and dropped to just above 41,000. Luckily for the spin in the sales department, there are 1,400 copies (3.5%) of ‘bulks’ in that figure – but they’re not alone in fattening their figures. Next on the list is the Sunday World which is down 8% or close to 20,000 on the previous twelve months. Given that they ply their trade in the Sunday tabloid market it’s a rather remarkable figure. The comparative figure shows 115k for the News of the world, which, a month after publishing that, hastily ceased publication. Publication JJ 2012 JJ 2011 Diff ‘000 Diff % Sunday Independent   238,798 255,806 -17,008 -7% Sunday World 226,932 246,875 -19,943 -8% Sunday Business Post 41,040 47,849 -6,809 -14% Daily Star Sunday  29,033 28,458 575 2% NotW/SoS 82,329 115,577 -33,248 -29% Irish Sunday Mirror 47,637 40,785 6,852 17% The People 20,444 18,848 1,596 8% Sunday Express 3,640 4,077 -437 -11% Mail on Sunday 109,044 113,160…

Newspaper Market Jan June 2012

Irish Newspaper ABC Circulations, Jan-June 2012

The laggards in the ABC certifications finally showed their hands and, without putting too fine a point on it, many of them we holding “Aces and Eights”. The figures make for very grim reading for some publications at this poker table.  All the figures are ABC Jan – June 2012 compared to ABC Jan – June 2011. The Sundays narrowly avoided slipping the wrong side of 900k. Helped in this by some cosmetics for the ‘bulks’ but they were still down nearly 100k in the year or 9% The Mornings were down 8% or 45k, again with a bit of help and the Evening “Market”, consisting of two local papers, is down 4%. Market JJ 2012 JJ 2011 Diff ‘000 Diff % Total Sunday 903,431 993,598 -90,167 -9.1% Total Morning 530,332 575,562 -45,230 -7.9% Total Evening 78,735 81,947 -3,212 -3.9% Total Market 1,512,498 1,651,107 -138,609 -8.4%    


JNRS 2012/11

It’s sometimes very difficult to reconcile the two public numeric’s of Newspapers; circulation data and readership data. The newspapers are very much on a downward trajectory in the circulation theatre, but the recently released JNRS data in many cases tell a very different story. In the mornings, the Independent and the Times lost 7% and 11% respectively whilst the tabloids made great strides – unlike the data in their circulation figures.  The Daily Mail made the biggest gains in the morning market. The Sunday Independent is still the biggest read paper in Ireland, followed by the Sunday World and they reach nearly a quarter of the republics population ever Sunday. Naturally enough the Sunday Mirror made the biggest gains on the back of the News of the World closure. The Sunday Times fell back by 8%, the biggest fall in the Sunday market. Daily Titles 2012/11 ‘000 %   ‘0002 %3 +/-‘000 +/-% Irish Independent 465 12.90%   500 13.90% -35 -7.00% The Irish Times 287 8.00%   324 9.00% -37 -11.42% Irish Examiner 169 4.70%   169 4.70% 0 0.00% Irish Daily Star 348 9.60%   327 10.40% 21 6.42% Irish Daily Mirror 208 5.80%   207 5.80% 1…