JNLR 2012-2 Local Radio Listnership

The local stations are showing mixed results, but one that stands out is Galway Bay FM. Over the two surveys they have managed to increase their listenership by a staggering 33%. This is followed by East Coast and Tipp FM who both added 15% to their numbers. On the other end of the scale WLR FM dropped 15% and KCLR 96FM who dropped 12%. Nine increases and seven fallers in this year’s Local radio numbers. Station County 12-2 ‘000 12-2 % 11-2 ‘000 11-2 % +/- +/- Highland Radio Nth Donegal 69 67% 66 67% 3 5% Mid West Radio […]

JNLR 2012-2 Radio Programmes Listeners

Looking now at the individual radio programmes. With the change in the universes between the two annual surveys it makes the absolute figures a little bit redundant. One could rebase one of the years so that a status quo is maintained to a degree – but it’s not the “done thing” in survey reporting. This year the universe increased by 2.76%, so in order to ‘stand still’ you should be (theoretically) increasing by that in absolute numbers. The % column is the absolute change in reach which is, in this case, the constant in both surveys. For example, Pat Kenny […]