Smartphone daily activities

Before we look at the statistics, it’s as well to look at this locally first. A report from O2 in the UK came up with some fairly interesting numbers on the daily interaction of smartphones users and their devices. Actually, there was another article related to that suggesting the “smart” phone as a word is not redundant and that we should really replace it with “phone” – I’d also advocate that we give “Ahoy” another shot as the introductory greeting! Let’s first take a look at the smartphone landscape in Ireland, or rather the estimates. ComReg keeps a track of […]

Celtic Media Group and Johnston Press changes

Two different scenarios is the ever changing landscape of Local press. Celtic Media Group has been acquired but some of its management team and Johnston Press closes one of its titles and makes some editorial changes. Celtic Media Group have acquired five titles from its (one time) parent Dunfermline Press at what can only be described as a fire sale in terms of the previous selling prices of the titles. They have acquired the titles for €5.5m in total – about 11 times less than the combined purchase price of the titles over the years. Not only have they purchased […]