JNLR 2012-2 Local Radio Listnership

The local stations are showing mixed results, but one that stands out is Galway Bay FM. Over the two surveys they have managed to increase their listenership by a staggering 33%. This is followed by East Coast and Tipp FM who both added 15% to their numbers. On the other end of the scale WLR FM dropped 15% and KCLR 96FM who dropped 12%. Nine increases and seven fallers in this year’s Local radio numbers. Station County 12-2 ‘000 12-2 % 11-2 ‘000 11-2 % +/- +/- Highland Radio Nth Donegal 69 67% 66 67% 3 5% Mid West Radio […]

JNLR 2012-2 Radio Programmes Listeners

Looking now at the individual radio programmes. With the change in the universes between the two annual surveys it makes the absolute figures a little bit redundant. One could rebase one of the years so that a status quo is maintained to a degree – but it’s not the “done thing” in survey reporting. This year the universe increased by 2.76%, so in order to ‘stand still’ you should be (theoretically) increasing by that in absolute numbers. The % column is the absolute change in reach which is, in this case, the constant in both surveys. For example, Pat Kenny […]

JNLR 2012-2 National Radio Listnership

The JNLR national radio listenership figures were released today. The first item to record is that whilst the increases in the absolute numbers of listeners for some stations look nothing short of meteoric, it would have to be tempered with some other numbers. The universe used suggests, like last time out, that the population has grown from 3,511,000 to 3,608,000. So while stations may have larger absolute listener numbers, their percentage reach may have stayed the same. In other words the same slice of a bigger pie. The research does show that Radio is still a very powerful medium reaching […]

Knock off

The ‘net is alive and well with plagiarism. Some people are simply too lazy to apply themselves and write their own copy. The victims of this plagiarism sometimes give up the ghost and simply take as part and parcel of being on the World Wide Web.  But there are remedies, some are straightforward and some are complicated, but all of them are worth exploring.   I’ll stick to type content at this point as the image side is a more complicated issue. Two pieces of advice I would give if you have images that you want to protect. For a […]

Regional Newspaper Circualtion

 Regional Newspaper Circualtion Title County Circulation Last Verified Anglo Celt (The) Cavan 12,133 ABC JJ 2011 Argus (The) Louth 9,307 ABC JJ 2011 Athlone Topic Westmeath 5,500 Bray People Wicklow 3,944 ABC JJ 2011 Carlow People Carlow 3,651 ABC JJ 2011 Carrigdhoun The Cork 6,000 Clare Champion Clare 15,742 ABC JD 2011 Clare People Clare 8,753 Connacht Sentinel Galway 5,138 ABC JJ 2011 Connacht Tribune Galway 21,043 ABC JJ 2011 Connaught Telegraph Mayo 14,480 Corkman Cork 6,911 ABC JD 2011 Derry People / Donegal News Donegal 11,186 Donegal Democrat Donegal 9,191 Donegal Democrat (Thurs) Donegal 9,451 ABC JJ 2011 Donegal […]

Irish Newspaper June ABC Circulation 2012

I may have been a touch hasty writing the epitaph of the Daily Star when it lost its status as “King of the Tabloids” last month. It didn’t do too much, bar stand still, and let The Sun drop 1,200 copies to let The Daily Star regain its title. The Mirror also fell back by near enough 1,000 copies so the Daily Star was the only tabloid to gain in June. It’s most likely the last ABC audit (in the Republic) for the Independent (London) and they have decided to withdraw from the Irish market.  Nothing of note in the […]

Smartphone daily activities

Before we look at the statistics, it’s as well to look at this locally first. A report from O2 in the UK came up with some fairly interesting numbers on the daily interaction of smartphones users and their devices. Actually, there was another article related to that suggesting the “smart” phone as a word is not redundant and that we should really replace it with “phone” – I’d also advocate that we give “Ahoy” another shot as the introductory greeting! Let’s first take a look at the smartphone landscape in Ireland, or rather the estimates. ComReg keeps a track of […]

Celtic Media Group and Johnston Press changes

Two different scenarios is the ever changing landscape of Local press. Celtic Media Group has been acquired but some of its management team and Johnston Press closes one of its titles and makes some editorial changes. Celtic Media Group have acquired five titles from its (one time) parent Dunfermline Press at what can only be described as a fire sale in terms of the previous selling prices of the titles. They have acquired the titles for €5.5m in total – about 11 times less than the combined purchase price of the titles over the years. Not only have they purchased […]

European Internet Statistics May 2012

It’s another stat attack – but the information might be useful. Comscore release their monthly internet statistics today and its interesting reading when compared to the same month last year.According to their data, where were an estimated 1.48 billion unique visitors to the internet in May, up marginally on the previous year. On average, they spent 24.5 hours on the internet in that month again up marginally on last year.In our own fair land, there were 2.4m unique visitors to the internet in May 2012 which was up substantially on the previous year, up by some 14% or an extra […]