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May ABC Newspaper Circulation 2012

The Kings is dead, long live the King. Not since January 2009 has the Daily Star been out boxed by its rival, The Sun. But even in that figure there is a measure of ‘smoke and mirrors’. The Daily Star circulation figure historically is an amalgam of its Republic of Ireland figure and its Northern Ireland edition (the Green Top). The Sun figure is simply the Republic of Ireland figure – so arguably in this jurisdiction The Sun has been the champ for a while. Now they have bragging rights to both weight divisions and I suggest they won’t be […]

Letshost New Firewall Configuration!!!

  Beginning on the 25th of Letshost made a few changes and, according to an email from them “upgraded the firewall as it was not working correctly” – naturally and on reflection, I’d prefer if they had simply left the firewall alone.  From that date, the servers are now blocking access to Googlebot crawlers (or more specifically their IP addresses). This means that when the bot goes to look at a web page it has stored in its index, the new Letshost firewall configuration throws the bot a complete curve ball (see below) and Google then marks this page as […]