Website Audits

It’s a root and branch look at your site to see if it conforms to ‘best practice’ and that nothing on the site is hindering it getting good positions in Search Results.  After the audit, you will know everything there is to know about your site (from a search perspective) and, based on the findings, we will make recommendations to improve performance. This Audit acts as a benchmark for your site, as it’s a snapshot of how your site is now. 

Search, PPC and Analytics

If you feel that your site is under-performing in comparison to your competitors, then it could be time to look at optimising your site for search and we can help. I am Adwords Google certified and Analytics Certified. If you are thinking of running a PPC campaign, then I can assist you. If you want to delve deeper into your website and its visitors, then I can assist you there as well.

Irish Newspaper Circulation April 2012

April sees the some of the tabloids take a hammering. The Daily Star lost 3,000 copies month on month, but it’s not a one off. In many of the previous years they have had a heavy drop March to April mainly due to the upsurge in the March figure due to Cheltenham. The Sun (Sunday) lost over 5,000 purchasers month on month and they didn’t show up in anyone else’s figures. In general the month was good for most publishers with ten of the twelve morning titles showing an increase and six of the Sundays making gains. But still, month […]

Google Penguin Change

  In an interesting article yesterday in the Irish Independent, it noted how so many websites have been ‘hamstrung’ by the latest Google algorithm change, affectionately known as ‘penguin’. In this change the search engine specifically targeted websites that ‘gamed’ the engines in the past and got decent results on the back of it. The way they managed to get these inflated rankings was through a range of nefarious methods: Keyword spamming, backdoor pages, link spam – to mention but a few. The Google Webmaster Forum is now chock-a-block with website owners complaining that their sites have all but disappeared […]

Saturday Newspaper Sales

The most recent editions of the ACB broke out the sales of the papers available in Ireland (bar the lazy ones) on a Monday to Friday and Saturday averages. It’s quite an interesting list of figures on many fronts. Most importantly, it shows that the Saturday Market, for the papers under scrutiny, is 36% stronger than the Monday-Friday market. If the M-F sale is 8% below the average, then there are going to be days between Monday and Friday that could only be classes as “tragic”.    The really interesting figures are how well the ‘quality’ UK papers of The […]

Spam, Spam, Spam

On the subject of spam – here’s an interesting one. You can do plenty with the Google search bar other than your “normal search”. You can use search operators to get a different look at websites.  Here’s one you can do that’s fairly interesting. In the search bar key in the following But substitute ‘’ for your own website. This then shows you web pages that Google has indexed. Now, if you are a keyword rich site (ecomm perhaps) you can go further, using the site operator again search for a keyword  (red widget in this example)  red […]

Radio Programme Listnership 2012-1

Now, before the stones are flung and the ‘OMG’s’ are uttered – let’s explain. In all of today’s major publications we have the analysis of the listenership figures. In all cases the analysis is April 2011 to March 2012, compared January to December 2011 – it’s an analysis I don’t agree with. Perhaps the ‘conventional wisdom’ is that comparison, but convention and at times wisdom are in short supply.  Let’s say you are a major retailer and you are looking at your figures for a seasonal part of the year, say December. Naturally you are going to lookat the increase […]

JNLR 2012-1 National Listnership

Normally very little happens in the National scene and that follows through again this year.  Radio listenership is up 56,000 and the gains can be attributed to a variety of sources. The National stations are up 46,000, the Regionals up 87,000 and the Locals up 52,000. Naturally there’s a lot of crossover there, but the sector is doing well. RTE’s woes continued with 2FM shedding even more listeners and is now down to 409,000 and only 80,000 in the capital.  Actually, Shannonside/Northern Sound has more listeners in total than 2FM does in the capital. 2FM are the only national station […]

JNLR Radio Local Listnership 2012-1

The Local listenership also suffered at the hands of the mathematicians when the national population estimates changes from 3,516,000 to 3,608,000.  Station County 12-1 ‘000 12-1 % 11-1 ‘000 11-1 % +/- +/- Mid West Radio Mayo 63 61% 53 51% 10 10% Tipp FM Tipperary 60 48% 53 43% 7 5% South East Radio Wexford 44 39% 38 35% 6 4% Galway Bay FM Galway 81 41% 76 40% 5 1% Midlands 103FM Laois/Off/WM 70 38% 65 36% 5 2% Shann/Northern Snd RN/LD/LM/CN/MN 93 47% 89 46% 4 1% Highland Radio Nth Donegal 68 66% 65 66% 3 0% […]

JNLR Radio Listnership Dublin 2012-1

Dublin radio listenership gained ever so slightly in the last 12 months rising by 19,000 people in the metropolis. But as a straight head count that’s encouraging, but in percentage terms it looks very different. The survey this quarter was altered slightly to reflect the population changes in the capital and the “estimated universe” aka theoretical survey population moved from 967,000 to 1,028,000 – a gain of 61,000 people (the census shows an 89,000 growth in the capitals population) It basically moves the goalposts and will antagonise the copywriters who will spend today day “shining up (the other word)” for […]

Regional Newspaper Readership

  ’12 ‘000 ’12 % ’10 ‘000 ’10 % ’08 ‘000 ’08 % +/- % Total 2238 62% 2249 64% 2218 64% -2% Male 1095 62% 1102 63% 1081 62% 0% Female 1143 62% 1146 64% 1136 65% -3% H/Keper 1425 63% 1377 64% 1267 64% -1% H/Keper + 620 62% 617 64% 604 66% -4% Marr/Wid 1557 65% 1551 66% 1510 66% -1% Single 681 56% 698 60% 708 59% -3% Work Women 315 59% 362 64% 384 65% -6% 15 19 143 50% 152 54% 159 55% -5% 20 24 160 54% 187 60% 211 61% -7% 25 […]