Sunday Market_2010

Sunday Newspaper Circulation Circulations July Dec 2011

The Sunday ABC’s very much reflect the demise of the News of the World during the year with only some of the papers gaining on the back of the closure.  With that the Sunday market is down 114,000 copies year on year or 11%– which is still not equal to the sale of the NoW prior to its closure (124,000). The figures would suggest that the majority of NoW purchasers didn’t remain in the market after their Sunday paper closed. Personally, I’d suggest that the NoW was, in the majority of buying scenarios, a ‘secondary purchase’ and, once gone, the purchasers were faced with a dilemma: to buy another paper as a substitute- which a small amount did (reflected in the uplift of the Sunday Mirror up 28,000 or 74% year on year and its stable mate the Sunday People up 8,000 or 44%) or not bother substituting at all – which seems to have been the majority decision. The Sunday Independent dropped back to 236,000 a fall of 7% which was marginally worse than the Sunday Business Post which now sells 43,000 down 6%. In all of the Sunday titles, bulks aren’t an issue, well no more than last…

Morn 2010

Irish Morning Newspaper Circulations July Dec 2011

The morning market declined by 6% to 552,000 copies every day. It’s better than the Sunday story, but the morning market still has the same participants as last year unlike the Sunday market. As a group, the tabloids are the real sufferers in the morning market accounting for over half of the drop in circulations. They have also dropped market share to 39%, their lowest share since 1998 – their highest being 45% circa 2005. By far the worst result in the morning comes from the Daily Star dropping nearly 10,000 copies to 81,000. Not far behind is its rival, The Sun, which lost over 8,000 to 75,000. The Mirror, under the circumstances, did well dropping only 2,000 to 59,000. It’s a terrible thing having to applaud a small drop! The graph at the bottom shows that, collectively, the tabloids dipped disproportionally in comparison to the market as a whole. Aside from a small uplift in 2007, the tabloids have been in decline since 2005. Maybe we didn’t need Nouriel Roubini (Doctor No) to predict the beginning of the end, we should have just kept out eye on the tabloid market instead.. The Daily Mail is one of the only…

evening 2011_JD

Evening Newspaper Circulations July Dec 2011

There really is very little to say in a two horse race. The Herald is down 5% to 62,000 and the Echo back 13% and into the teens  at 18,600. It is the dying market of the newsprint industry. A glance at the chart below tell of the fortunes of the Evening newspaper Market where its been loosing about 6% each year for the past five years.    


Irish Regional Circulations July Dec 2011

A much depleted field than in normal years, with only twenty-five papers opting to produce an audited figure. Last Thursday IN&M announced that although their regional titles had been audited, they would not be auditing their twelve regional papers from here on in. Seemingly the ABC audit figures “did not resonate with local advertisers”. What data instead they hope would “resonate with the advertisers” is a mystery. It’s worth looking back at the fortunes of some of the papers over that past five years. The Leinster Leader and the Munster Express are two paper that jump out halving their circulation over that period. One paper managed to stay in positive territory and that was the Donegal News Monday edition gaining 6% over the five years. Year on Year, the Tallagh Echo stayed the right side of zero managing a small gain as did the Roscommon Herald. Looking at the figures for the on a like for like basis, the papers who produced their ABC’s were down 8% on the year and 34% over the five.   Paper 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 11 v 10 11 v 07 11 v 10 % 11 v 07 % Clare Champion 15,742 16,691…


Circulations and Revenue

Yet another way to look at the figures is, interestingly, through generated revenue. It should be noted that these are revenues ‘at the till’ and not the revenues accruing to the publisher. Also they are, unfortunately, including bulks as its impossible to guess what figure to put on the bulk sales. But, given those partial constraints, it’s still an interesting look at the cash in the business. The Sunday world manages to increase its revenue on a flat circulation figure and the Daily Mail has a decent increase in revenue thanks to a circulation increase and a price rise. The Mirror is the run-away success story with a huge increase in revenue. Conversely the Sunday Independent dropped 7%      Title Price 2011 Price 2010 Revenue 2011 Revenue 2010 Diff ‘000 Diff % Sunday Independent   €2.60 €2.60 €31,951,275 €34,382,847 -€2,431,572 -7% Sunday World €2.35 €2.25 €30,631,507 €29,407,248 €1,224,259 4% Sunday Business Post €2.70 €2.60 €6,056,996 €6,178,099 -€121,103 -2% Daily Star Sunday  €1.40 €2.10 €2,928,453 €5,760,518 -€2,832,066 -49% Irish News of the World €1.50 €0 €9,663,420 -€9,663,420 Irish Sunday Mirror €1.45 €1.40 €5,006,786 €2,782,270 €2,224,516 80% The People €1.45 €1.40 €2,140,606 €1,438,965 €701,641 49% Sunday Express €1.40 €1.40 €322,577 €299,281 €23,296…