Another Superinjunction? MKII

I have every sympathy for the guy, who has, must, remain nameless. On the basis that there is an on-going legal wrangle and the fact that I was on the receiving end of some “correspondence” from his “advisors”, I’ll tread lightly. Not because of the correspondence (which, by the way, was replied to and legalled from this end), but more to respect the on-going case and, in a strange way, for the individual concerned. I am slightly bemused buy the articles that appeared in both the Times and Independent today regarding what can now only be described as ‘Taxigate’. Both articles kicked […]

Irish Newspaper Circulation January 2012

Before we’re all lulled into a false sense of hope, it should be pointed out that historically there is always an uplift in January sales in comparison to December. So, true to form, the market is up over 33,000 month on month. The only sales (due to this natural uplift) worth pointing out would be the Mail on Sunday which gained over 8,000 copies and the Sunday Times who managed to put on over 9,000 copies. The last time the Sunday Times had a sale of that magnitude was back in January 2010, so that’s a very encouraging start to […]