Irish Newspaper Circulation November 2011

Our penultimate figure for 2011 and still no Ho Ho Ho! Looking at the month on month figures the Sun seems to have had a real dip loosing over 4,500 copies in a month. The sales have most likely disappeared into the ether and, if you’re a regular watcher, that’s a euphemism for gone, never to return. December (due to the festivities) normally sees the morning market drop by about 5% so it’s looking like a bad end to the year for News International. The Daily Star is not fighting a battle on two fronts. It’s bad enough being in the trenches fighting in the tabloid market against the other red tops, without a sort of mutiny. Their partner in the JV Northern shell decided to sell the UK version of the Daily Star beside the Irish version. Granted it’s the same price and has a distinctive blue masthead but that doesn’t help matters. In November it managed to sell 680 copies of the UK edition. I’d argue strongly that they were sales that would have otherwise gone to the Irish version. Now you may be rolling your eyes at the paltry figure of 630 copies – but it equates…