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JNLR 2011-3 National Listenership

National Listenership of any radio stations fell to 82%. Still it’s a bad figure being just shy of three million people listening every day, but it’s certainly going in the wrong direction. The rant on this part of the web is normally the spiralling decline of the newsprint business, surely this medium is not going in the same direction. The big talking point, again, is another decline in the listenership of 2FM. This survey see it dropping another 80,000 listners compared to the same period last year and down 153,000 over a two year period. The only reason that the combined RTE figure was in the black was because of the hard work of RTE1. It’s no secret that the problems at 2FM are, in part, due to the untimely demise of Gerry Ryan. This is better illustrated with the quarter hour segments for 2FM throughout the day. Compare it now (the twelve months up to September 2011) to two years ago (the twelve months up to September 2010). There really is little to add to that.   Looking at the figures outside 2FM can be summarised in ‘nothing really happened’ as the status quo was maintained. A marginal decrease…


JNLR 2011-3 Dublin Listenership

Still dominating the capital is the National broadcaster RTE1 having pulled back 3% points on the same period last year. 2FM dipping into single digits in Dublin has to be worrying (again). Perhaps Montrose would allow the newly appointed Commercial Director, Willie O’Reilly, to look at 2FM for a week or two and come up with a plan. It strikes me that there is none currently and that the station is bouncing around from one bad survey to yet another. Maybe the time Willie spent at a truly commercial station might be a source of some inspiration for the ailing 2FM. They have gone from 13% (123,000) to 8% (81,000) in just two years – a 34% drop in listeners. 98FM and 2FM look as if they had to give way to Nova, who entered this period with 5% listenership in the capital. It’s a fairly spectacular entrance it has to be said and has to be applauded. The downside to this is that the station is prone to fairly gushing prints ads on the back of any of their ‘successes’ – but I suppose they have the bragging rights in this one. Newstalk gained a bit of ground it…


JNLR 2011-3 Local Listenership

Briefly the locals. Highland is still the highest listened to local station reaching 65% of its franchise area, but still dropped 4% points year on year. Bolting into second this year, from forth, is Mid-West with an impressive 8% points increase. Equally impressive is the rise of Ocean FM who gained 9%. Galway bay and LM FM see the biggest declines Local  2011 2010 2009 11/10  11/09   Highland Radio  65 69 67 -4 -2 Mid West Radio  58 50 48 8 10 Radio Kerry  50 51 45 -1 5 Ocean FM  50 41 46 9 4 Limerick’s Live 95FM  48 51 53 -3 -5 WLR FM  47 48 51 -1 -4 Shannonside/Northern Sound  47 46 53 1 -6 Clare FM  46 43 45 3 1 Tipp FM  45 44 52 1 -7 KCLR 96FM  41 40 39 1 2 Midlands 103FM  39 39 39 0 0 Galway Bay FM  37 41 40 -4 -3 South East Radio  35 36 39 -1 -4 Kfm  25 24 27 1 -2 LM FM  24 28 35 -4 -11 East Coast FM  24 26 26 -2 -2