Print Advertising Research

It’s a long time since I saw research like this (not that I’ve been actively searching). It’s all to do with how to improve the ROI on your print advertising by getting more eyeballs to your ads. In the world of digital that’s impressions and is very easily measured. The CTR is then used to calculate your RIO. All very simple if you have the technology to back this up – which web browsers are very adept at doing. However, the punter tanking a glance at a printed page – thats a minefield in terms of research. It’s almost impossible to link the cursory glance (or more) at an advert and a sale. So the best practice is to give your advert the best possible chance of being seen and read. The people over at market research agency Validators came up with some really interesting research on this. And, as all hope has not yet gone and there are people still advertising in print, I thought it would be interesting to summarise their findings.    Their research was based on eye tracking studies – literally following eye movements to see where it stops and focuses on more (and less). These types…