ABC Circulations Jan June 2011

The ABC Circulations for Jan June 2011 were released and make for fairly sobering reading. The circulation of National newspapers papers in the Republic of Ireland has declined by over 165,000 in twelve months. The biggest faller was in the Sunday market where there have been two newspaper closures in the year. Even stripping out those two titles, like for like sales of the remaining titles is still down 5%. Mornings are dwon 5% and the evening market continues its near two decade decline. Market JJ 2011 JJ 2010 Diff ‘000 Diff % Total Sunday 993,598 1,120,808 -127,210 -11% Total […]

Irish Sunday Newspaper Circulation Jan June 2011

If you wnated a headlin figure for this Jan June 2011 ABC’s it would be the fact that the Sunday market slipped into six figures. It comes on the back of  the closure of the Sunday Tribune and the semi-closure (as the paper in another guise is still available) of the Daily Star on Sunday.   Actually it could be worse as the News of the World in real life is no longer around but still reported figures for those six months. But even with their final contribution the market is down 127,000 or 11%.     Publication JJ 2011 JJ 2010 […]

Irish Daily Newspaper Circulation Jan June 2011

The morning market declined by 5% year on year in 2011 (not too bad in comparison to the 11% fall in the Sunday Market) and sees it drop below the 600,000 mark. Just to ram home the recessionary point, the morning market hasn’t seen an increase in sales since 2007. Publication JJ 2011 JJ 2010 Diff ‘000 Diff % Irish Independent 134,228 144,896 -10,668 -7% Irish Times 100,951 105,742 -4,791 -5% Examiner 43,390 46,687 -3,297 -7% Daily Mirror 61,998 60,418 1,580 3% Irish Daily Star 87,121 93,630 -6,509 -7% The Sun 79,893 86,453 -6,560 -8%           […]

Irish Evening Newspaper Circulation Jan June 2011

Just to be complete the Evening Market. There is no daily breakdown of the Heralds’ figure, so it’s impossible to say how the addition of the Dubliner has worked for them.     Publication JJ 2011 JJ 2010 Diff ‘000 Diff % Evening Herald 61,936 67,657 -5,721 -8% Echo 20,011 22,288 -2,277 -10% Total 81,947 89,945 -7,998 -9% There is very little else to add, bar in graphical form, which really says it all.