News Of the World – Hacking and Boycott

Without getting into the political debate of the News of the Worlds (NoW) latest lesson in distasteful journalism – “hacking” the phone message of an abducted minor, outside the public reaction is how this will impact on the paper from an advertising point of view. On the circulation front the buying public are fairly adept at letting the commercial wing of any newspaper group know that that have ‘erred’. You only have to look at Liverpool where there is still a large boycott of The Sun, 22 years after the Hillsbrough disaster. The NoW total circulation* stands at, as of May 2011, 2,676,684 copies, making it the second largest newspaper after its stalemate The Sun (2,826,684). But that figure is back 8% on the previous May and if the sentiment yesterday and today continues I can see the figure for July being severely dented.     The campaign to pressurise advertisers using the NoW gained pace yesterday. Ford Motor Company was the first to break rank and pull its advertising for the paper. Other large advertisers have come under serious pressure to do likewise.This morning, via twitter, the email addresses of the Chief Executives of the papers advertisers were listed…