News 2.0?

I stumbled across earlier this morning as I was looking at what has been called, in particular grandiose terms it should be said, News 2.0. The term gives the impression that News has moved on, we have reached a new Golden Era. The News is Dead, Long Live the News (2.0) Perhaps a more apt term would be Parasitic 2.0. If copying and pasting stories you find in your selection of bookmarks passes for News 2.0, then we’re all in serious trouble. Wikileaks becomes Wik-CtrlC-CtrlV. Back to the story of This morning in a fairly puerile attempt at what they obviously think passes as humour, they added their own ‘sub heads’ to story regarding the questioning of Louis Walsh about an alleged assault in a nightclub. All very, very childish. Long live News 1.0


Car Rental and SEO

In a resent look at the car hire market, in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), some very interesting points were brought to light. Anything in the motor business, whether it’s dealing with the new sales, second hand sales or rental is hugely competitive. The foreign car rental business is massively competitive and it’s on this we are going to concentrate. Just as a small aside, and one that as a country we have to be able to capitalise on: Hitwise recently released their Travel Quarterly Review – an overview from a search perspective of the travel and related markets. This quarter they analysed the UK searches for ‘flight destinations’. By Flight destinations searches it means search phrases that have a fight slant to them and a specific city destination. So, this could be expressions like “cheap flights Dublin” or “Dublin Flights” etc. “Flights/Dublin” ranked 4th (up for 11th in the same period last year) of all the city destinations searches from the UK. It’s not a bad showing for the Capital being forth on that list of potential destinations. Anyway, once all the bookings have been made there is always the issue of Car Hire. Sticking, for the moment,…


Taco Bell Facebook coupons

Taco Bell, the Mexican/American fast food chain, recently got itself into a spot of PR bother. A customer took offence to the amount of beef contained in her beloved Taco and so offended was she that she took a class action suit against Taco Bell – as you do. The law hired firm came out blazing and claimed that the mixture was only a paltry 35% beef, the rest was “other ingredients”. The people at Taco Bell (I’m at pains not to use the initials of “TB” as I think they have suffered enough in the publicity department) were not impressed and responded that it was in fact 85% beef. Jumping to the end of that particular story, the Law Firm are cowering under a bed somewhere as they as much admitted the 85% was incorrect and they got it wrong. Taco is considering counter suing. Taco defended their patch rigorously and took out full page ads asking (aka veiled threats) the law firm to publicly apologise. But during the height of “beefgate” they decided to turn to social media and, more specifically, their loyal Facebook customers. They assumed ‘Loyal’ because 5.5m of these would be worriers had ‘liked’ Taco…


Irish Newspaper Circulations May 2011

Without trying to detract from some of the increases – one has to keep in mind that April was a fairly appalling month for newspapers with Easter and Bank Holidays etc. Mornings first: The Sun came back out and increased by over 3,000 copies, actually all the tabloids saw an increase on the previous month. The rest of the papers only saw marginal increases month on month. Year on year The Mirror is still hanging on to a small lead whilst the Daily Star had decreased by some 9,000 copies and The Sun is back over 5,000. No bounce for the tabloids at all in this market. Sunday Market: The Sunday Daily Star figure speaks for itself, but there is no excuse for the New Of The World back (another) 1, 400 month on month and over 20,000 on the year (or about an estimated €.5m in circulation revenue). The Mail on Sunday is a big faller, back 11,000 on the month but still only down 4,000 on the year. Title May-11 Apr-11 May-10 M/M Y/Y Daily Mirror 62,131 61,036 61,419 1,095 712 Daily Record 719 724 786 -5 -67 Irish Daily Star 85,998 85,192 94,946 806 -8,948 The Sun…


Ireland Facebook Statistics

Some very interesting Facebook statistics are available at Social Bakers. So we put a few of these together here, just to give you an idea of what’s happening on Facebook as we write. Firstly we will look at Facebook penetration worldwide. There’s really two ways to look at this; absolute numbers or penetration as a % of the population. In numbers, the United States is, naturally, way ahead of the rest of the field with over 150 million Facebook users or the equivalent to half of its population. Ireland’s figure is always going to be low in comparison and we have 1.9m Facebook users, or just shy of half the population. When looking at the numbers, it’s worth remembering that Facebook was originally only in the English language. It wasn’t until early 2008 that it began to translate in to French, Spanish and German. So some countries may only be beginning to adopt the Facebook format as it becomes localised in their language. # Country Users Growth Pen. 1 United States 150 495 520 -1.11% 48.51% 2 Indonesia 38 517 540 9.50% 15.85% 3 United Kingdom 29 773 160 2.88% 47.75% 4 Turkey 29 283 440 10.85% 37.64% 5 India…


Sunday World avoids the Super Injunction

The Sunday World got a bit of a scoop yesterday and named two actors who were allegedly having an affair, both of whom were married. Whilst the media in the UK were gagged reporting this dalliance because of a “super injunction”, it did not apply to the Sunday World as the injunction was in the UK only. And, as were are Citizens and not Subjects, the actors referred to in the story were Pauline McLynn and her co-star David Threlfall. There is perhaps a bit of a grey area here. The Sunday World did not publish that story online and many of the media reporting on the fact that the World had outed the actors did not mention the two individuals online either. This is the second week in a row where a paper has had a front page related to the super injunction. Considering that there are supposedly 80 super-injunctions knocking about the UK it’s a lot of front page fodder out there for the Irish media if they could find a way to publish them and, naturally, if they were of any interest to the readers