Search Engine Ranking

Search Engine Ranking takes stock of where your site is currently. We analyse a site on a set of agreed keyword phrases and look at its performance and that of the competition. The reports are very detailed but straightforward and give you an instant picture of where you are in the rankings. The reports are best viewed after a few weeks once you have begun to build up some data. This begins to show trends in your ranking. There are a body of people who begin to become obsessed with ranking checking it on a nearly hourly basis. The Optimisation […]


iLevel works closely with clients to understand their needs and develop strategies tailored to each individual business. iLevel can work with you on specific one off projects or can provide ongoing marketing and business support depending on your requirements. I am Google certified for both Adwords and Analytics. If you want to have a talk about anything in the marketing arena or indeed if you want some advice on a current project – please Contact Us

Crawling and Indexing

This is the very basics of the search process. Google and other search engines use a ‘spider’ to venture forth and collect information on pages. Once a page is found all the links on that page are analysed to find further pages on your site. After some time this leaves a search engine a list of URL’s related to your site and this should be finite (at that particular time). In order to make sure that the spiders have a complete list of pages you should also submit a sitemap to the search engines so that they have the complete […]