Its all really 360!

In an article in the Sunday Business Post on 22nd May there was a fairly belated rant about The Suns use of ‘technology’. The article maintained that the papers ‘new’ app for the ipad and iphone, which allows users to see their page three models in a 360 view was, well, disgusting (I paraphrase about seven paragraphs there).The article took issue with the app, the whole issue of page three, topless models in general, models and photo ops, the over use of models for ‘no justifiable editorial reason’ etc etc. I’m not going to open the debate of page three […]

Scottish Herald outs Imogen Thomas Super Injunction

All things considered the footballer in question was quick (and wealthy) enough to wrap up a person and a paper, The Sun, in a super injunction in England, but wasn’t cleaver enough to extend that to their near neighbours, Scotland. I have a look at some articles and was unable to see if the injunction stretched to Wales, which would have been interesting.    So the Sunday Herald in Scotland decided to “publish and be dammed”. It’s a great coup for them and perfectly legal. The tactic is a bit like a monkey trap and something that our own Oscar […]

Affiliate Links

I looked at this before when I thought some publications were being a little disingenuous about their affiliate policies. But, I am glad to see, that our friends at News International are being completely up front about selling their traffic. In an article on High street fashion the say Want to know where your favourite stars’ frock is from? Fear not, every week we bring you the hottest celebrity looks from Britain’s High Street – and you can click through to buy them online straightaway. You can click on any of the images which will, via what looks like affiliate links, […]

Coupons and Loyalty Schemes

I read with interest that yet more of the print industry is moving into to coupon/loyalty/butter-voucher arena. There has been huge interest in the web side of this business and recently highlighted when Groupon turned down a €6bln takeover bid from Google. Google, spurned, but not completely defeated, has now decided that it will go it alone based on its current advertising technology. Outside the ‘web discount’ systems Associated Newspapers are launching a loyalty discount scheme for the Mail On Sunday. It’s based on readers purchasing loyalty. In the UK if readers subscribe to the Saturday Mail and Sunday Mail […]

€1 Irish Independent

For the last two Mondays, the Irish Independent has dropped its price from the normal €1.90 to €1, practically half price. It’s a fairly drastic move and one that it would have been loath to do in the past leaving to price weapon to the Tabloids. Financial Times €2.30 Irish Times €1.90 The Examiner €1.90 Daily Star €1.40 Daily Record €1.30 The Daily Telegraph €1.20 Daily Mail €1.00 Daily Mirror €1.00 The Guardian €1.00 The Independent €1.00 The Sun €1.00 Irish Independent €1.00 The Times €0.95 Daily Express €0.75 i €0.30 You can see for the table above that there […]

Irish Newspaper Circulations April 2011

This April was littered with Bank holidays and then a Bank holiday in May (not covered). But it normally leads to disruption, which in turn leads to lower newspaper purchasing. But his year seems to have bucked that trend as the market is up just shy of two thousand copies. Granted, it’s the promotion happy Sunday market that made most of the gains. The month on month for the tabloids can nearly all be explained by a bumper (pun intended) Cheltenham in March, so they are simply returning to the status quo. There is no weekly breakdown of the figures […]

JNLR 2010 July 09 to June 10

In order to digest this you’d have to take this in two chunks. The first part we will deal with the ‘national stations’ and later we will deal with the ‘local stations’. As with most research/analysis – the numbers normally speak for themselves, as they do in this case. The comparison in this case is with the previous year – the exact twelve months – July to June in each year. I struggle to understand why the likes of the BCI and BAI, when issuing these results, will draw their comparisons to  a different survey period – but anyway, these […]


Sitemaps: There should be two types of sitemap a sitemap for the human element and another for the spiders. Much overlooked, but very important. Read On…

Page Speed

Page Speed: This is a big issue currently and according to Google’s representative on earth, Matt Cutts, page speed will be one of 200+ factors used in calculating page rank. Read On…

Site Structure

Site Structure: Similar to your URL structure you should try and make your site navigation as simple as possible. How easy is it to get from yourhome page to your checkout page? Have you tested it? Read On…

URL Structure:

URL Structure: The URL’s on your site are important not only for the spider visitors, but also for humans. A URL that can be “read” is infinitely better than one that’s generated by a content management system without any instructions to alter that URL. Keywords in your URL may give you a bit of a boost in the search results. Read On…

Search engine Ranking

Search engine Ranking: What is the current status of your site in the various search engines? Where does it rank (if at all). It’s a fairly straightforward exercise and just has to be run off against some of the chosen keywords for benchmarking purposes. Read On…

Crawling and Indexing

Crawling and indexing: How many pages have been indexed and how many pages are there on the site. Is there a gap (there can be small gaps at times)? Is there a big difference between the indexed and actual pages and why? Read On…

404 Pages

404 Pages appear when one of the pages from a search result (or otherwise) no longer exists on your site. The server normally throws a very basic ‘death notice’ at the screen and everything comes to a stop – and that includes the momentum for the search. To overcome this tragedy you really should make a custom 404 page or have a redirect. 404 Pages are important for two reasons. Spiders hate dead-ends and have to have something to guide them on their merry way, as do the human searchers, the letter being particularly fickle.   If a page is […]


Sitemaps are there for the benefit of both our human and not so human visitor. For the Spiders they are a ‘pointer’ as to where to find pages on the site. It’s very likely that spiders will, through your internal linking find all the pages, but it’s better to cut down on the hit and miss and give the spiders a road map of where your pages are. Most CMS have plugins or widgets to help you draw up a sitemap. If they don’t there are plenty of places on the net what will do it for you automatically, like […]

Page Speed

Page Speed has, of late, become particularly important. You can see this reflected in the many new applications that Google have released in the past year. Their page speed extension for Chrome and the larger part that page speed takes in its Webmaster Tools shows that it is putting greater weight on the speed element of web browsing. A further and by far more interesting application is in their latest edition to their analytics package where there is now a specific ‘page speed’ section in the software. It tracks the average time it takes to load a sample of your […]