Competitor Analysis

It’s getting down to the nitty-gritty where we start looking at the competition and their web offerings. In this we will be making direct comparison with the client site to the better performing sites. At times these comparisons are not for the easily offended.  But you have to understand that by beginning this SEO process you’ve identified that you need to improve your own site. The very first item on the agenda is to identify the competition. This can be through the initial analysis in part one combined with looking at the search engine rank report. We want to see which sites are ahead and, most importantly, make a judgement call as to why they are ranking ahead. Rankings Not only will we focus on the sites that rank ahead of you in the ‘organic’ listings, but we would also look at any of the relevant sites that are using PPC (Pay per Click) advertising on the search results.  These sites may be ranking below your site, but the mere fact that they are engaging in PPC does show some intent. Keywords In assessing the competition we would take into consideration what Keywords they are targeting in page titles, on page,…